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Solidarity with hunger striker Giannis Michailidis [Heraklion, Crete]

What is fair is for the oppressed to know, not for states nor for the judges.

Greek justice is just another tentacle of power.

Making sure to serve pro-government child rapists,

like Lignadis1

Considering unrepentant killers of unruly youth to be reformed,

like Korkoneas2

Doubting for rapists when they are entrepreneurs,

like Leventis3

Not giving a shit for drug lords who kill witnesses,

like Marinakis4

Their justice is class justice.

It serves them for incarcerating and deporting refugees, for punishing the poor devils and crushing the fighters.

Their justice doesn’t just disgusts us – it infuriates us!

We demand the immediate release of the anarchist comrade, on hunger strike since May 23, Giannis Michailidis.

Their justicewhitewashes murderers and rapists,

Freedom for all fighters

Anarchists and Anti-authoritarians

HERAKLION,Crete July 2022

1A condemned child rapist, former Director of the National Theatre of Greece and supporter of Nea Dimokratia ruling party. He was set free ten days ago, the same day of the court verdict of guilt for 2 child rapes.

2A former police officer and condemned assassin of Alexandros Grigoropoulos an 15 years old youth on the 6th of December 2008. He was set free recently, breaking the lifetime sentence with the revaluation of the mitigating circumstance of lawful past behaviour.

3Twin brothers and heirs of the magnate owners of 3E, subsidiary of Coca-Cola in Balkans. Accused for rape last December by using the date-rape drug method. The case was archived right on in a very strange occurences. Justices that objected about this decision were discharged of their duties.

4One of the most powerful shipowners of Greece, owner of Olympiakos and Nottingham Forest football clubs and also owner of the biggest media consortium in Greece. Best man of Prime Minister’s Mitsotakis family. Accused for smuggling 2 tonnes of confiscated heroin with a ship in his name. All witnesses have died in strange circumstances and the case has been put in archive from the Greek judiciary system.

Because there is no path to freedom, but freedom is the way

During the lockdown we saw the measures taken by the New Democracy (ND) government (as any other state representative would do), aimed at stricter surveillance, repression, control. After this period, we have seen some of these measures became permanent and repression mechanisms intensify even more, in order to manage the capitalist crisis we experience in all aspects of our daily lives.

From being closed at home to the militarization of our lives under the pretext of our health well-being, to the anti-labour measures of the Hatzidakis (Minister of Labour) bill, and most recently the direct suppression of trade union struggles (SBEOD, Geniki Tachidromiki). From the recent law 4777 (Kerameos/Chrysochoidis) which aims to the intensification of study, the sterilization of university premises, the elimination of asylum and student struggles with the entry of police and security officers into universities, who beat and arrest students and young people at every opportunity (like recently at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – the most populous university of Greece) to the tightening of bills to repress those who do not conform to the peaceful petty bourgeois standards (as known as sports law/fan card) and also the building of affairs to terrorize those who struggle (affair of persecuted comrades for their political identity, 14 prosecuted people based only on DNA evidence). From the police attacks at those who do not comply with the state orders in parks and squares (as happened last April here, in Theotokopoulou Park, in the centre of Heraklion city), to the gentrification of public spaces by entrepreneurs who spread their tables everywhere to satisfy the needs of tourist season. All of the above compose a part of the organized plan of discipline and control within the urban cities, which at a glance does not resemble the free life that the media, celebrities, government representatives and other followers desperately try to convince us we live in.

At the same time when a war, within the proportions of the 21st century, is raging and the Greek state is clearly taking part, the pursuit is one: Don’t worry! Work, consume, have fun (while you still can). Before you get fired, before the power bill comes, before they take your house, before gas prices are completely out of reach, before you get recruited, before the depression, before you end up in a detention centre. Even if none of these happens to you, it will be only until the next “crisis” appears and you will again be faced with all the above.

We, on our part, believe that there are many who understand very well what is happening to them. They understand that this is the world of the state and capitalism and that this is not a “crisis” but a permanent situation. They understand that price hikes are wage cuts, that neighbourhood cops don’t protect us, and that war is not far away but we live it every day here.

The assault on unruly prisoners, with the extension of their detention indefinitely, comes in addition to a series of consecutive repressive and persecutory measures applied to those who can’t be reformed, but still resist. The anarchist prisoner Giannis Michailidis, having taken a clear stand against the whole devaluation of our lives, is going on a hunger strike from May 23, 2022 demanding his release, since according to the laws of civil justice he should have been released 6 months earlier (December 2021). After 8.5 years of being locked up in the cells of the democracy, he continues to fight by putting his body as a rampart in the vengeful fury of the state apparatuses, which seek to destroy anyone who does not meet their “conditions”. This fight is not a personal vendetta of Amfissa town prosecutor’s office and our comrade, nor among anarchists and the Nea Dimokratia ruling party. On the contrary, it concerns those who do not desire a life with their heads down, those who do not want to be snitches on the service or the bosses, those which are proud of their choices. We are next to those who resist the existing wretchedness, we stand side by side, fighting against any form of power. We stand by those who left early and those who are persecuted, punished, imprisoned because they continue to resist.

Let the bosses pay for the crisis.

Multiform struggles against state and capital.

Solidarity by any means with the comrade on hunger strike from 23/5/22 Giannis Michailidis.

Immediate satisfaction of his request.

“Because the struggle for the liberation of one is a struggle for the liberation of everybody

Anarchists and Anti-authoritarians


May-July 2022

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