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Pushbacks at the German-Polish border – people seeking protection are pushed back to Poland by the German federal police

For about a year, the catastrophic situation at the Polish-Belarusian border has led to life-threatening migration routes via Poland to Germany and other EU countries. People on the move are instrumentalized for political conflicts, are criminalized in Polish camps, mistreated and deprived of their most basic human rights. If they manage to continue their journey, they meet Germanys undignified and grueling asylum system, which in many cases foresees a Dublin deportation back to Poland.

Originally published by Kontrapolis.

For a few weeks now, there have been reports from people on the move suggesting new inhumane strategies of the German Federal Police to deal with people who want to claim their right for asylum.

The current system foresees that after a person enters the country with a request for asylum, the person is taken to an initial reception center, where further steps are taken toward the asylum process. Instead, incidents are currently accumulating according to which people are taken directly back over the border to Poland after only a few hours at Saxon police stations, without an asylum procedure but with a mountain of papers documenting a „rejection.“ According to this, the entrants would not have wanted to comment on the matter – their repeatedly expressed request for asylum was not heard! Only in this way a rejection becomes legally possible. In other words, the practice of inhumane pushbacks is legalized here. Germany is appalled by the pushing back and forth of people on the move in the Polish-Belarusian border strip and at the same time continues exactly this practice tacitly and legally secured.

What does it all mean and why is it so problematic?

Pushback – a term now familiar to the general public – refers to the scandalous practice of denying people the right to asylum on European soil.
As this is happening at the EU outside-borders, there has been increasing documentation in recent years – mostly without any real consequences for those institutions and people in positions of power who send people back to the sea in overcrowded boats or let them suffer in forests and swamps behind borders in the most undignified conditions just to return them there by force when an entry has finally succeeded.

Germany had a comfortable role in recent years: relatively far away from these external borders, even left-wing and green politicians in this country could, on the one hand, criticize the inhumane conditions and practices of other member states and speak out for a „fair“ treatment of asylum seekers. On the other hand, they boasted of their own „welcoming culture“, which was then applied to those who had made the arduous journey to Germany – only to have to deal for years with administrative procedures, bureaucratic obstacles and the fear of not being allowed to stay in Germany despite everything.
At the same time, the Dublin Regulation, a clause from the asylum law reform passed in the 1990s, creates the possibility of deporting protection seekers back to the EU member state where they were first registered. So here, too, Germany has the option of legally rejecting all responsibility.

Since last fall, more and more people have been arriving at the German border via Belarus and Poland. The way is marked by the most precarious conditions, violence and traumatizing experiences. Those who are fleeing experience this violence over and over again at the hands of border guards, police and other institutions, including those of European member states, in this case Poland. Once in Germany, this treatment continues seamlessly.
An attitude of „We do what we can, but the others…“ is once again exposed and taken to extremes in the face of recent events. The fact that the federal police are creating their own legal grounds to be able to push people back to Poland shows that, as in the entire asylum system, racist and inhumane practices are being carried out with or without a legal basis.
This hypocrisy is nothing new for us, nevertheless it is a new dimension in which German authorities move here to supposedly legitimize their own anti-human border and asylum policies.
The right to protection is a human right and this right has been denied by the Saxon Federal Police in recent weeks.

Arbitrarily „legalized“ pushbacks can not become the norm and an accepted practice, as it is already the case at so many borders of the EU!
Regardless of the legal situation, we, as thinking and feeling people, call to fight the racism of German authorities with all means and not to leave such inhumane shit pass without resistance.

Migration is not a crime – we demand freedom of movement, a life in safety and dignity for all!

Fight fortress europe – fight german police!

no border activists

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