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The Tiger Bloc Podcast: Solidarity Collectives – Ukraine Russia War

We hear at the Tiger Bloc Podcast are happy to feature our friends from Solidarity Collectives to talk about the anti-authoritarian response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Originally published by The Tiger Bloc Podcast.

On this episode, Snow and John Chinaman talk about why anarchists and anti-authoritarians are fighting.  

The crew also talk about the response of the western left to the invasion, how Solidarity Collectives supports anti-authoritarian fighters. It was also awesome to to talk to a foreign medic, Olga, to hear about her experiences at the front.  

Also, frustratingly, did you know that annoying gun bros also exist in Ukraine? Hear about it all on our podcast!

Host: Snow, John Chinaman

Speakers: Ksun, Yuri, Olga

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