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Berlin: Solidarity adbustings for conscientious objectors in front of Belarusian embassy

Berlin. Excitement at the Belarusian Embassy: Even in Berlin, the Belarusian head of state Lukashenko is no longer safe from criticism. Around the place where the dictator’s employees work, the action group LIDUS (“Lukashenko is stupid and stinks”) hijacked all the advertising showcases of the WallDecaux company without permission. The embassy staff could read the following in the advertising boxes: “Stop the 2nd front!” and “Asylum for war resisters from Belarus now”. In addition, the logo of the opposition organisation “Nash Dom” (Our House) can be found on the posters. “War resisters from Belarus urgently need our support,” explains the action group LIDUS (“Lukashenko is stupid and stinks”). “That’s why we decided to have a solidarity action in front of the embassy.”

Originally published by Indymedia DE.

Adbustings between embassy, memorial and S-Bahn station

The group distributed a total of twelve posters without permission in advertising display cases at Treptower Park between the embassy, the memorial and the S-Bahn station. “We hope that embassy staff and customers will walk past and see the posters,” said the action group LIDUS (“Lukashenko is stupid and stinks”). The advertising virtrines can be opened with pipe spanners from the hardware store. To avoid attracting attention, the activists wore yellow high-visibility waistcoats. “We were a bit scared that some secret service henchmen would beat us up,” says the action group LIDUS (“Lukashenko is stupid and stinks”): “But luckily everything went well!”

Preventing the second front

To invade Ukraine, the Russian military is also using Belarus. So far, Belarus has not officially attacked Ukraine. But the government of dictator Lukashenko is trying to draft 20,000 conscripts every year. For the opposition organisation “Nash Dom” (Our House), it is clear that Lukashenko’s entry into the war is only a matter of time. That is why “Nash Dom” is calling on people in Belarus to refuse military service.

In Belarus, the right to refuse military service is written into the constitution, but those who invoke it must expect imprisonment and torture. That is why “Nash Dom” also supports fugitive conscripts in the EU. “So that the EU doesn’t just talk a lot about human rights, but also does something about it, we demand asylum for draft evaders from Belarus,” explains the action group LIDUS (“Lukashenko is stupid and stinks”).

Support conscientious objectors with a pedition

The association Connection e. V., together with NGOs from all over Europe (and Brixitania), has launched a pedition to the European Commission. They demand that the EU simplify the possibilities for asylum for conscientious objectors. “Please sign all of them!” asks the action group LIDUS (“Lukashenko is stupid and stinks”):

What is adbusting?

This form of action, in which advertising is replaced by one’s own content, is called “adbusting”. The Berlin public prosecutor’s office clarified several times that putting up one’s own posters in the advertising display cases, which can be opened with pipe spanners from the DIY store, is not a punishable offence. But the Berlin police think that this form of opposition is terrorism and have already taken action against it with house searches. Also in the counter-terrorism centre GETZ, secret services and police repeatedly exchange information about left-wing adbustings on behalf of the fight against terrorism. At the same time, the Capital Cultural Fund just had an exhibition of adbustings at Kunstraum Bethanien cost 75,000 euros.

Free advertising showcases for Belarusian opposition?

“We didn’t ask WallDecaux for permission and we won’t give them any money,” says the action group LIDUS (“Lukashenko is stupid and stinks”). Because supporting opposition against war and dictatorship should be a matter of course even for capitalist dirty companies. “If the WallDecaux company now unsuccessfully files charges for the 253rd time because their advertising boxes have been hijacked again, Frauke Bank&Co should instead consider whether they want to make the advertising showcases around the embassy available to the Belarusian opposition for free in the future,” demands the action group LIDUS (“Lukashenko is stupid and stinks”). “After all, WallDecaux always brags about how much good they would supposedly do. Supporting Belarusian war opponents would be a real opportunity!”

More on the petition of the association Connection e. V. for a simplification of the right to asylum for Russian and Belarusian refugees:

More information on Nash Dom and “No Second Front”:

How do advertising showcases open?

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