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Help War Victims UA (HWV) need a van to support friends and civilians in the cities near the frontline and liberated areas [Ukraine]

Ukraine. We are an autonomous volunteer group called HWV (helpwarvictimsua) and are helping those who suffered from Russia’s military aggression from the beginning.

The war in Ukraine is continuing and winter is coming. Civilians who are living near the front line, need a lot of supplies. Until now we used a van together with other groups. As the needs of people at the frontline are still growing, we need our own van. It would make us more independent and increase efficiency.

We want you to ask to support our >HWV< initiative with a donation for a van.

Payment details:

    HRN: 4441114402457657 

    SWIFT: UA583220010000026200331394882


We also need donations in kind. At the moment we need:


Hemostatic gauze

Occlusive stickers

Medical backpacks

Water purification tablets

Water purification systems

Autonomous Solar systems (with big batteries to store electricity)

You can contact us at if you want to provide one of these donations in kind

>HELPWARVICTIMS< initiative, November, 2022

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