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Defend Lützerath [Germany]

Lützerath. Germany. After the long struggle to save the Hambacher forest, the focus of many activists changed to Lützerath, a small village which is to be demolished for a brown coal open pit mine: Grazweiler. Many villages and major parts of the Hambacher forest (only the last minor part was saved in 2018) were already destoyed by RWE‘s open pit mines. Lützerath is completely occupied, but the interior minister of the German state North Rhine-Westphalia, Herbert Reul, announced that a huge police force will evict Lützerath in January. Defend Lützerath! Defend ZADrheinland! Enough 14.

Originally published by Lützerath Lebt.

Click on the Menu in the videoplayer got automated english subtitles. Video by Unser Aller Wald / #ZADrheinland

Defend Lützerath

Lützerath is a village in the Rhineland region that is to be destroyed for the profits of a major international corporation, RWE. 650 million tons of brown coal are to be burned still. This would massively fuel the climate catastrophe!

Right here we stand up for climate justice, we rebel against a neocolonial, destructive system that destroys the foundations of life worldwide.

Come to ZADRheinland and defend Lützerath with us!

What you can do

  • Come to Luetzerath for the planned dates and stay here for the next few months.
  • Order Mobimaterial via and spread the message
  • From now on you can also get the mobilisation material via the boxes below for self or home printing. Feel free to distribute it in your favourite cafés, autonomous centres, universities, working place, among your friends and wherever else you might feel like.

Defend Lützerath Flyer

(PDF versions in caption below the images)

Defend Lützerath Flyer front side. Flyer as PDF File: here.
Defend Lützerath Flyer back side. Flyer as PDF File: here.

Defend Lützerath Poster

(PDF version in caption below the image)

Defend Lützerath poster. Poster as PDF File: here.

Get in touch

Phone:+49 1520 1339091
Or via Social Media:

Additional Information by Enough 14

Anarchist comrades and projects in Lützerath

Anarchists in Lützerath

Anarchists from Lützerath, in ZAD Rheinland, Germany, who try to push climate movement forward.



Twitter: @AnarchistsLue

Email: Anarchists_luetzerath[ät] – PGP keys are available on request, please contact us.
Fingerprint: E04D 8D14 6ACE 0C41 A78C E4DB 33C1 1BC3 1285 D8BB

House of the unknown (Haus der Unbekannten)

Looking for a name for our house, we came up with a lot of suitable names, like Ella, Lina or Semra Ertan. But as we did not want to limit ourselves on one topic or one name, we decided to try to represent all of them.

All of us are – more or less, in one way or in another – suppressed by a capitalistic and colonial system.

We care about all of them. About prisoners, refugees, the oppressed, the survivors, the fallen. About all those people, fighting battles that remain unseen. And we want our house to be a place where their stories are remembered.

Its name should express that there a lot of individuals, who we know and who we never got to know, though they are also a part of the fight for a better world. And whether they are fighting for survival or try to endure repression and violence by the state, and no matter what kind of backgrounds they have, their struggle is always a longing for freedom. 

We not only want to worship well known activists, prisoners and the fallen, we also want to give appreciation and acknowledgment to invisible and forgotten fighters. We know that we cannot cover all topics but will nevertheless try to indroduce a few unrecognised fighters that we would like to bring to peoples attention. 

Our house should be a memorial and a place where we find safety and strength. A location that protects us from the suppression of conservative society, a shelter where we make plans for upcoming fights and develop new perspectives. Where we question ourselves and where we grow as a movement.

We want to realize these thoughts in our daily political work. Therefore we organize every sunday a cafe in front of the house which should deal with different individuals and topics every time. We want to continue our work with films, workshops, skillshares and self critical discussions.

We invite everybody to take part in the cafe and to bring in new perspectives so we can reflect together on many facets of resistence and activism. You are warmly invited to give us some input, so that all of us can learn together. Therefore feel free to contact us via

According to the motto of the Zapatistas: For a world in which many worlds find space. 

It is time to dare a revolutionary step and free ourselves from old structures. Let´s dare something new, something that creates new hope. 

We will stay!

Revolution in Lützerath!


Twitter: @HausDerUnb

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