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Cars of Hope in Ukraine: “The main problem was that the heater didn’t work because of the power outage.”

Press release Cars of Hope, December 01, 2022

On November 24, a Cars of Hope team arrived in Kyiv to deliver numerous donations to the Help War Victims (HWV) organization. It was their sixth mission in Ukraine since the current phase of the war began on February 24, 2022.

Originally published by Cars of Hope. Translated by Riot Turtle.

While the Cars of Hope team were on their way to Ukraine, news reached them from Ukraine that there was another wave of attacks on civilian infrastructure in Kyiv and other cities: electricity, running water and heaters were taken out and the internet was not working or working poorly.

Cars of Hope activist René Schuijlenburg adds: “We had already noticed that we couldn’t reach one of the Help War Victims volunteers while we were on our way to Ukraine. Fortunately, we received a message from someone else who told us where and at what times we could find the people from HWV in Kyiv. This worked very well and we found each other immediately.”

In addition to the delivery of generators, power banks, flashlights, headlamps, small autonomous solar systems, candles, matches, drugs, bandages and other needed items, Cars of Hope also moved into a new warehouse, which the initiative from Wuppertal (Germany) now operates together with “Help War Victims” in Kyiv. Since there was a massive power outage in Kyiv after the attacks, there was also no electricity, no running water and no working heater in the new warehouse.

René Schuijlenburg said: “The volunteers of Help War Victims had to improvise again and again, because their old warehouse was very small. A larger warehouse was urgently needed. It is important that we have space to temporarily store, categorize and sort donations so that we can quickly respond to immediate emergencies. We also have a place to sleep there for ourselves and other groups from all over Europe who are supporting people in Ukraine. Since there was no electricity and no running water, and because of the power outage the heater did not work either, we had to improvise and immediately started setting up the new warehouse. In fact, we were privileged. There is a small creek in front of the house, so we were able to flush the toilet with buckets filled with water from the creek. Most of the 3 million people who live in Kyiv do not have this option. The main problem was that the heater did not work because of the power outage. There was snow and we had sub-zero temperatures. So it was quite cold, but we have the luck that we always return to Germany after a few days. The people who live there have to be prepared for hard times when winter comes.”

In December, Cars of Hope will again transport relief supplies to Ukraine. Schuijlenburg comments, “We will continue to work in Ukraine in the coming months. We hope that we will be able to collect many generators, electricity storage systems, autonomous solar systems, bandages, medicines and other things that are needed and then bring them to Ukraine again. We are overwhelmed by the support of people, doctors, companies and groups from Wuppertal (Germany) and beyond. On our website we have published a list of donations in kind that are needed in Ukraine. We also need funds to finance the transports and to buy generators and medical equipment.”

Cars of Hope, Dezember 1, 2022

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