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#EU, stop deportations to #Afghanistan!

EU. March 12, 2020. Thousands have been deported to Afghanistan in the past couple of years. Young boys without any social network, female heads of the household, elderly ill asylum seekers were deported from European states and families have been split. The European and Afghan government’s agreement on return to Afghanistan was extended from 8 European countries to many more after the Joint Way Forward deal was signed on 2nd October 2016. Since then, on one hand the number of deportation to Afghanistan has increased and on the other hand insecurity, political instability and humanitarian crisis have increased.

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Announcing the formation of the Anarchist Union of #Afghanistan & #Iran

Statement about the formation of the Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran.

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Deportation Alert and Call for Protests in #Düsseldorf, #Germany

No deportation to Afghanistan! Afghanistan is not safe!

On Tuesday, 23 January, people are to be deported from Düsseldorf Airport to Afghanistan, Kabul. We, as the Dusseldorf Alliance “Afghan outcry” in association with refugees of all backgrounds, their supporters and human rights activists, as well as numerous other initiatives and organizations from North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) condemn the planned deportation and demand the immediate suspension of all deportations to Afghanistan and the recognition of the need for protection of refugees from this area.

  • Protests against collective deportation(s) at Dusseldorf Airport and at Dusseldorf main station
  • Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2018
  • Time: 4 pm in front of Dusseldorf main station (Hbf)
                   5 pm at Dusseldorf airport, passengers’ hall, Terminal B
  • Further information; here (Warning Facebook link)


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#RefugeesGR Protest in #Athens: #EU Shame on You! Equal Rights For All!

Earlier today people marched from the Greek Labor Ministry to the European Commission’s office in Athens, Greece. The protesters demand equal rights for all people.


Image: Protesters in Ahthens demanded equal rights for all people, to stop deportations and to cancel the EU/Turkey deal.

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Stop Deporting #Refugees Back to #Afghanistan!

The number of dead or wounded in Afghanistan remains at record levels, but the European Union is deporting refugees to Afghanistan under the pretext that the country is “post-conflict”. The EU’s policy is immoral, cruel, and disingenuous.

Image: Banner says “Afghanistan is not secure! Stop the inhuman deportation- and border policies”

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