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#Nike and the Sweatshop problem

Recent anger over Nike’s current endorsement deal reminded me of a period in the 1990s when Nike was facing consumer anger of its labour practices and a strike by Indonesian workers at one of its factories.

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Alternatives to Capitalism: The #Rojava Experiment

In this education series we look at experiments, which have arisen through working class struggles, to create alternatives to capitalism.

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Anti-capitalist action rally on June 23 – putting the focus on the port of #Hamburg

The port of Hamburg is not only the city’s landmark, but also an international transshipment point where radioactive materials, energy commodities that are harmful to the climate, deadly arms, animal “products” and many other goods are handled. Therefore, it is also a junction where global social injustice, the destruction of the environment and exploitation come together. Let us unite and explore how to get active and oppose the destructive conditions of capitalism.

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Recent Agitprop Against #Amazon in #Seattle

Construction noises ring out all through the night around Amazon HQ1 in Seattle. Lonely janitors scrub and mop the surfaces of the Amazon Spheres, locally known as the Bezos Ballz. While they are paid 15-20 dollars an hours, well-paid Amazon executives cruise out of their parking garages in Teslas, Porches, and Lamborghinis. Their 100K a year underlings file through the glass doors and wait for the shuttle back to their luxury apartment. In an unseen jungle camp far away from HQ1, a homeless person dies every two days. In January 2018 alone, 16 people have lost their lives on the streets of Seattle. Jeff Bezos is still the richest man on earth.

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#Berlin: How to fight the #Google-Campus – A Proposal

Google plans to implant a “Google Campus” in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Resistance against the “Google Campus” is growing. We re-publish the following proposal how to fight the “Google Campus”. The proposal is not only addressed to anarchists, although it is an anarchist proposal.

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