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Resistance, #Anarchism, and the #BlackBloc: An Interview with Lacy MacAuley

The University of California at Berkeley probably will not be the last American college to experience mayhem at the hands of “black bloc” militants. In the weeks since President Trump took office, such activists have mounted destructive protests not just … Continue reading

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Why Covering Your Face At a Protest Is The Right Thing To Do

Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol) co-ordinator Kevin Blowe explains why the organisation encourages activists to mask up. Image: EZLN supporters in Chiapas, Mexico

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#DisruptJ20 #BlackBloc: Who Are These Protesters In Black And Why Are They Smashing Things?

An article by MSM DCist. Note that the number of arrests was far higher at the end of the day as the 90 people that were arrested at the moment the article was written.  We would also like to advice … Continue reading

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