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#Montreal: Banner reading “ #Trump Fasciste, #Trudeau Complice!”

Montreal, February 13, 2017 — As of 8:30am this morning, at the height of morning rush hour traffic, a large banner reading “Trump Fasciste, Trudeau complice” [tr: “Trump fascist, Trudeau accomplice” is hanging off the Trans-Canada/Metropolitan Highway in Montreal, facing Justin Trudeau’s … Continue reading

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Solidarity Across Borders: #Montreal Needs To Get Beyond Easy Symbolism

On February 8, , the City of Montreal Executive Committee took the first steps to declare Montreal a “Sanctuary City”, similar to the hundreds of Sanctuary Cities that already exist in the United States, and more recently in Toronto, Hamilton … Continue reading

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#Canada #Montreal 150, 375: rebels come alive!

This year, Canada is celebrating its 150th year of colonial existence, and Montreal its 375th. Throughout the next year, we’re going to be celebrating the histories of resistance to the colonial project of Canada, by continuing to bring them into our struggles in the present. This is a call for anarchists across the territory of so-called Canada, and everyone fighting against colonial society, to combine our diverse capacities to fight this ongoing nightmare in all the ways that we can. Continue reading

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