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The Anarchy of Beginnings: Notes on the Rhythmicity of Revolt

Can we think something like a “revolt”? Has revolt been thought? Under what conditions might thought be able, eventually, to grasp what we call a revolt? 

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#Chile: Maybe one day the state will transform in a nice person

Santiago de Chile. Corona Crisis. What’s happening? Which voices find their way through the masks? What’s happening to the ongoing revolt? Is COVID-19 actually a lifeline for the Chilean government? I will try to capture moments; my view is European. The voices are anonymous. Many voices are missing.

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#Quarantine Letter #6: Empty Plazas

Dear Friends,   

I’ve been inspired by letters circulated recently by Ill Will Editions,which have offered a helpful window for thinking through the current global pandemic. Reading them, it struck me that several have circled around something like a disjunction or asymmetry between two distinct yet overlapping lines of thought: on one hand, there is the understandable fear that the forms of social control presently implemented will be sustained beyond the pandemic (not unlike they were after 9-11), a concern that directs our attention to state power; on the other hand, there is the disruptive force of the virus itself, like a  non-human agency conducting itself across us, and operating beneath and beyond the waves of governmental and economic measures by means of which the elites in the political class scramble to maintain an increasingly tenuous veneer control and authority. Orion addressed the latter in his letter when he described the virus as a power that has “constructed its own temporality, which immobilizes everything,” a power “capable of extending beyond what the insurrections proved incapable of doing, and actually shutting down the economy.” Two types of agency, two asymmetrical lines of force—how are we to parse their peculiar overlap in this moment, those of us who have never been friends of their ‘normal time’? 

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#Covid19, class struggle and the future of the revolt in the Chilean region

On April 18 it was one month since the government led by Piñera decreed a state of emergency for 90 days following the spread of the coronavirus among the population: in this way the democratic dictatorship of capital that had been exposed by the proletarian revolt that began on October 18 was openly formalized, with the excuse of protecting the people. Since then, the antagonism between the capitalist economy and human needs has become apparent, and millions of people have been able to experience for themselves that, in a society which is not organised for the communal satisfaction of human needs, the spread of a virus has the character of a misfortune for the working population forced to have to choose between death by virus or death by hunger, between falling ill and not paying their rent. The COVID-19 has come to deepen the contradictions of capitalist life, accelerating the process of widespread economic crisis and recession that had been brewing since 2008. The coronavirus, in fact, is no more lethal than other diseases, but its importance and its effect on world capitalist society can be explained by the global context in which its appearance is inserted. In reality, the greatest detonator of the high number of deaths and infections is none other than the capitalist social organization, and this applies not only to this new virus, but can be generalized to the millions of deaths that each year occur in the world from curable diseases in a society in which a rich person will never die from having too much money, but a poor person will always die from not having it.

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#Chile: Don’t let them say that we are absent [Video documentary]

Santiago. The following documentary/compilation shows a series of actions carried out in different locations in the capital of the territory usurped by the State of $hile, thus showing us from the start of the action itself, through all the phases of its development, until the end.

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Joint Statement: Against the Capitalist #Pandemic, Solidarity between Peoples

Joint analysis by Coordenação Anarquista Brasileira (CAB) (Brazil), Federación Anarquista Uruguaya (FAU), Federación Anarquista Rosario – FAR (Argentina), Organización Anarquista de Córdoba – OAC (Argentina), Federación Anarquista Santiago – FAS (Chile), Grupo Libertario Vía Libre (Colombia), Union Communiste Libertaire (France), Embat – Organización Anarquista (Catalonia), Alternativa Libertaria / Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici – AL/fdca (Italy), Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet – DAF (Turkey) and Organization Socialiste Libertaire – OSL (Switzerland). April 2020

2020 has started with some changes at region level, and especially with the continuity of the huge and incredible mobilization of the Chilean people. That popular revolt which has been through more than 100 days, has changed social and political situation of that country, and also has impacted the entire region. New scenery appeared and, as we said in preceding analysis, comes within the framework of the huge wave of popular mobilizations that’s been deployed for Latin Americans communities (Haiti, Ecuador, and other countries with less intensity). As we can see, it’s time for the people on the streets, these are fighting times.

At the same time, it’s starting all over the world a new economic crisis that’s being increasing with Coronavirus and its impact on international markets. The issue of Oil and its effects on peripheral economies from Latin America also can impact the cost of living and the ultra-liberal technocracy’s legitimacy, which continues being part of this new phase all over our continent. But also, the coronavirus’s pandemic brought with it a series of changes in this new phase, which is difficult and premature to judge its impact. Nevertheless, its impact compels us to discuss a new situation, a global phase that is changing with masses control policies and increasing repressive measures, and there’s where the three decades of neoliberalism’s ravages becomes evident with the breakdown of public health and social safe measures.

We divided this analysis into two sections: a first one addressing Chilean mobilization and social and political changes over the continent; and a second one with a primary analysis about the new situation that has been triggered since Covid-19‘s expansion.

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#COVID19, #Chile: One more effort if we don’t want to be made unhappy

Chile. April 4, 2020. The Chilean business community, under the slogan of a supposed concern and support in times of crisis, has shown its “solidarity” aspect by carrying out a “collection” (1) throughout the country, which gathered the astronomical figure of $50,000,000,000, which will be used to buy “health implements, diagnostic tests, equipment and other necessary medical instruments”. The same people who, during the first days of the spread of the virus, in the face of the concern of the majority of the workers to be infected with COVID-19, were dedicated to calling the working class to calm down, accusing them of being paranoid, affirming that if production was stopped for a couple of weeks Chile would disappear as a country: just as it was declared in the Nazi concentration camps they made us believe that “work would liberate us” (2). Now these same people are showing “solidarity”.

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#Chile March 29: for the continuity of the anti-capitalist struggle

Chile March 29, 2020. We are currently living through a historic moment: the crisis of world capitalism is worsening, visibly revealing itself as what it has always been, that is, a catastrophe for humanity and nature. The bourgeoisie and its states have shown in different regions how they will combat from now on any attempt at rebellion: with armies in the streets, states of emergency and technologically organized repression.

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#Chile – Complete isolation in the High Security Prison in times of the #coronavirus in Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile. Chile. On Friday, March 27, 2020, the High Security Prison indefinitely suspends visits and parcels, effectively leaving the various prisoners who are hostages of the State completely isolated. We cannot understand these measures differently than another repressive action, that far from seeking a “quarantine” or sanitary measures, leaves our comrades imprisoned at the mercy of their jailers without the possibility of communication or an income of basic needs for hygiene and subsistence.

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