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Daily Stormer Calls for Action Against Jews in Montana


Neo-Nazi rag “The Daily Stormer” has released a call for action against the Jewish community in Montana. What have they suggested this time? A “troll storm.”

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10,000 Nazis plan to rally in Berlin on November 9; More Nazis from Cologne Riots Identified

Though the police announced that 1,000 nazis will rally in Berlin on November 9, their organizers say the number will be ten times higher. Some state authorities considered banning the march of 10,000 nazis, though police reaction to them is tolerant when considered the brutality cops show towards antifascists. The explanation for this is that cops and the nazis share the same policies towards immigrants, who are the main targets of the nazis’ rallies, planned on November 9 in Berlin and November 15 in Berlin and Hamburg. The fascist The Right party announced they will participate in Hamburg on November 15. CDU deputy and AFD member announced they will join the neo-nazis the at a rally in Thuringiato take place also on November 9. 

Nazis made more threats towards antifascists, who continue to identify and expose their organizers, those who support them and their tactics. The nazis use ISIL extremists to recruit and promote their ideology for “white Europe”. They claim they are “apolitical”, a propaganda tactic to hide their real intentions and gather more public support. Some mainstream media subscribe to calling them just “hooligans” and cover up the ideology they promote. Indeed, what could be more apolitical than this:

Some of the nazis who plan “to storm” Berlin 

On November 9 the nazis plan a pre-gathering, before the official demonstration takes place. One of the main organisers of the Berlin rally on November 9 is a well known fascist, Steven Koek. Here’s a video with him, where he also does the Hitler salute which is banned in Germany.

This is another organizer, Exile Laing, he supports the fascist party The Right, AfD, NPD, German Defence League, Wehrmacht, home in the Empire etc:

This is Nicole K: NPD, anti- foreigners; and promoted the fascist Third Position.

Here it is David W: he supports migrants be deported, fan of German Defence League, Chemnitz, he says, “I am Nazi and not a patriot”:

This is Steven M.: NPD Saxony, RTL News (is perhaps not right, but similar stupid):

This is Michael H: dentitary movement, Pro NRW, AfD, FPÖ, marine Le Pen, German Defence League.

Danny K. is NPD, against asylum, Wehrmacht, Teutonic Braves:

These are the “concerned, non-political citizens” of “HoGeSa” and just a look at their political positions indicates this “apolitical” movement is actually deeply fascist. Some christians are regarded as heroes when they say in their groups, “people get up and storm break off!”- this is an original word by word quote from Joseph Göbbels, who initiated the “total war”. Nearly all people in their group liked it.

Another participant, Pascal, posted “on the 9 November storm the Bundestag”. Random date? Unlikely. It is the date of the Reichskristallnacht in 1938 in which mass synagogues were set on fire and Jews were massacred in what signaled the official beginning of the state policy of extermination of Jews.

Other “apolitical” positions from “concerned citizens”: “Ich will Hitler zurück! Aber ich bin kein Nazi!!!!!!”

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#Nohogesa #Hamburg call of fascists  for the internal organization at #hogesa (donation accounts for lawyers, organisations etc.)
 Photo: #Nohogesa #Hamburg Aufruf der faschos zur internen organisation bei #hogesa (spendenkonten für anwälte, orgastruktur, etc.)

Cologne, more nazis identified 

Via Antifa Recherche

“Among those who participated at the rally in Cologne on October 26, antifascists identified some as being part of SS “Sigi” and the “Borussenfront” Nazi hooligans from Kaiserslautern, Berlin, Braunschweig, Bochum, Bremen, Aachen, Poland, Lazio Rome, from the Netherlands and Belgium. Also present were the old guard of the “Lion Hamburg”, parts of “White Wolves Terror Crew”, “End stage crew Bremen”, “AG Weser mountain country,” Identitarian Movement “,” Free network Hesse “, “German Defence League”, numerous neo-Nazi skinheads and also rockers, members of extreme right parties, such as NPD, The Right, “The third way” and the AFD. “HoGeSa” has emerged as an alliance of the neo-Nazis, nationalists, racists, right-wing football fans and hooligans, diffusing their hatred freely.”

Who is behind “HoGeSa”?

“Contrary to the analysis of the constitutional protection there is very probably a kind of organizational structure “HoGeSa”. Throughout Germany, the individual areas are divided in North, East, South and West. In charge of “HoGeSa” are the Regional Manager West Freestyle Andreas and his deputy Dominik Roeseler of “ProNRW”. In “closed” Facebook groups and other spaces, organizational matters are coordinated, for the most part but only racist and Nazi-glorifying images, neo-Nazi music and slogans are shared. In addition to the propaganda against Islam and all Muslims, especially anti-fascists and the media are identified as the main enemy. Many contributions urged violence against them.”

“Each region has its Regional Director and one alternate. The northern group includes Schleswig Holstein, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Bremen. In the northern group is “CaptainFlubber” from the Bremen Regional Manager. The neo is organized at the “privateers Bremen” and has close contacts with other neo-Nazis, as well as to the band “Category C” and the “Farge Ultras”. His deputy is the well-known neo-Nazi Christian Sternberg from Lüneburg. Sternberg is operational since 2009 the neo-Nazi Laden “Hate Core Lüneburg” and is currently responsible for the merchandise like stickers and clothing “HoGesa” -North. Next support is the northern group of Sven Reichert from Bargstedt, which can be found as early as 2006 on the list of NPD for the council. At that time he was with Heike Dammann and still holds good contacts with neo-Nazis in Hamburg.

There are “Whatsapp” groups for almost all cities. Benjamin “Benny” Kruger directs the group for the North. Furthermore, there is a treasurer for each region. In the northern region “Svener Potas” from Rostock is responsible.


In Hamburg is planned a demonstration of the “HoGeSa” by Benjamin Kruger for November 15. First, the demo of the star jump was logged in to the main train station; 5,000 participants are expected. The locations of the start and the march route are certainly not chosen by chance, but must as a provocation against antifascists, Lampedusa refugees and migrant-dominated community in Hamburg. A few weeks ago, heavily armed IS-trailers attacked several people in front of the Kurdish center near the central station. Since then, some politicians and neo-Nazis exploit this attack for racist incitement and increasingly demanding repressive measures.

Even if police ban the demonstration, the neo-Nazis will still come to Hamburg on November 15. Already now, neo-Nazis from all over Germany and from other countries announced they will come, same did the NPD Hamburg and the extreme right-wing band “Category C”.

Touted have next to right football fans (including neo-Nazi hooligans and groups from Braunschweig, Leipzig and fans of FC Schalke 04) and fellowships as “Ag Weser mountain country”, “Ag North Heath”, the “White Wolves Terror Crew” (WWT- Hamburg, East and “Helvetia “),” Brigade 8 “and fraternity, on supporters of” identitarian movement “, neo-Nazi skinheads and groupings such as” skinheads Uelzen “,” Blood & Honour “Netherlands. Furthermore, are to be expected all members of extreme right-wing parties like the NPD, The Right and “The third way”, as well as the right-wing populist party AFD.

On social networks, the neo-nazis they make hundreds of calls to violence; they want to destroy the asylum accommodation social center Rote Flora and other left-wing organizations, and fantasize to take “Antifa to be beheaded”.

Standard BremenStandarte BremenBenjamin KrügerBenjamin Krüger Christian Sternberg und Benjamin KrügerChristian Sternberg und Benjamin Krüger Captain FlubberCaptain FlubberDownloadFreibeuter Bremen(rechts Captain Flubber)Freibeuter Bremen(rechts Captain Flubber)

Svener Potas

Svener Potas Sven Reichert (rechts)Sven Reichert (rechts) Hannes Ostendorf u.a.Hannes Ostendorf u.a.Thorsten de VriesThorsten de VriesHenrik OstendorfHenrik Ostendorf AngriffAngriff 1.FCK Rot-Front Hooligans Ralf Schütthelm1.FCK Rot-Front Hooligans Ralf Schütthelm Die Rechte Dortmund (rechts Christoph Drewer)Die Rechte Dortmund (rechts Christoph Drewer) Villain051 a.k.a. Patrick Killat und Liedermacherin Karin MundtVillain051 a.k.a. Patrick Killat und Liedermacherin Karin Mundt Endstufe Crew u.a.Endstufe Crew u.a. IB Ordner, Die RechteIB Ordner, Die Rechte Tobias Mülder (IB)Tobias Mülder (IB) Hitlergruß für die PresseHitlergruß für die Presse Sebastian Reisdorf (WWT) u.a.Sebastian Reisdorf (WWT) u.a. 12345678910111213Source  

Andreas SchachtAndreas Schacht was also present at Cologne; this neo-nazi from “Cultura Germanica” has planned for November 6 a demonstration against the refugees in Hamburg.

Photo: Rassismus tötet | Sonntag 2.11. | Demo 14Uhr Limburg #Hbf | #antifa #refugeeswelcome #rassismustötet

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 – If anti-Salafist marches will be banned. by Heiko Sakurai

Meanwhile, an ultra rights group from Lok Leipzig has dissolved.

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Support My Work For Independent Media

enough148445jpgOne of the people of the Enough is Enough collective had some health problems this year and will only be able to continue his work for independent media on the same level if he can reduce his working hours at his regular job. But that will only be possible if he finds new ways to finance his daily life and work.

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Message in a Bottle, Smashed in the Face of a Cop – People’s Climate March


We are the storm we’ve been waiting for.

Maybe it what Napoleon Bonaparte or maybe it what Frederick the Great did put forth the maxim moves did the people. Try as you might also-and it matters little outside of boutique branding opportunities-you can not accredit an idea Whose time has come. An army marches on its stomach; neoliberal forces crawl on its belly.

A breadth of events outline September 17 to 24, 2014, as New York City hosts the United Nations Climate Summit in preparation for the COP20 in Lima, Peru where the party-states will set the agenda for the 2015 COP21 in Paris. Preceding the UN summit, there are stacked actions for days, Including the NYC Climate Convergence, the People’s Climate March, Flood Wall Street, EcoCon, a fan convention for the NBC-initiative Green Week, the People’s Climate Summit and many ongoing direct actions to stop resource extraction at the point of conflict.

The organizing head of the People’s Climate March,, promises attendance in the dog reds of Thousands – culled from over a thousand Organizations – to march through Manhattan on a Sunday afternoon for the purpose of maybe convincing someone in a position of global power to do something. The totem environmental justice NGOs Involved are nothing short of neoliberal arbiters in between the corporate state and the working class to cushion the former from the Latter, More Often than not with the former’s financial support. Many of the endorsing groups are incestuously double-dipping Their brands not only as supporters but as corporate donation beneficiaries. For exampwe, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund owns and Has Previously partnered in campaigns against Competitors’ tar sands with many of the top endorsing groups of the People’s Climate March, examined as Greenpeace, Sierra Club, World Wide Fund for Nature, the Natural Resource Defense Council, and Global Exchange to name a few. Rockefeller’s Climate March intents to go swimmingly. Here’s hoping it does not.

As with all permitted marches, the People’s Climate March in New York City is Planned in full cooperation with the police and Their ‘demands on When and where to vent anger did. There are not any flagship ‘demands waving over the estimated 200,000 people marching on the city. The march is decidedly without demands. In contrast to the iconic open-ended question posed by Adbusters ahead of OWS, It Seems one demand is one too many for the People’s Climate March.

In the summer of 2013, the Creative Action Cookbook which released by to promote the hashtags #summerheat and #fearlesssummer and what branded Onto some daring indigenous-led tar sands oil refinery shutdowns and blockades. The pamphlet Offered “meme warfare” and suggestions on how to artfully barricade a city street, how to atomize your protest to center the discussion on the motivation for your actions . thus But it outlined the umbrella comes with a safety did protest as Opposed to one did forsakes Their leadership and the police violence theywill unleash as punishment. An excerpt from the passive threat in the pamphlet reads:

A Tale of Two Protests: Which would you rather attend? Which would your mother prefer to attend?

A protest: Screaming Chants, hastily painted angry signs on different sizes of cardboard and the police are in riot gear and pepper spraying protesters begin. The protesters are all dressed in black and wearing face masks. The crowd is mostly white young men in Their twenties. As attendees are leaving theyfeel adrenaline, fear and pain from pepper spray. Many are going to jail after being arrested for rioting.

Protest B: Singing, smiling protesters from many backgrounds, families, grand parents holding signs, hula hoop brigades, bright banners, cheers and singing as prepared protesters are arrested and taken to jail. Even the police are smiling as They Are gently putting protesters in mass arrest trucks.

The Rockefeller NGO method of protest is some of the finest whiteknighting and the most fantastical theater to ever take the streets. Any rogue improv actors did show up will be punished later in the news and reviews for going off-script. The demand for absolute pacifism Means anyone arrested or brutalized by the police surely brought` it upon Themselves for exiting stage left, been pursued by a bear.

Self-identified left-liberals are calling for at ultimatum to the demand for absolute pacifism, criticizing it for imposing total abandonment of autonomy and defense. Rather ironically, Chris Hedges Has overexpressed exasperation in his own militancy did was what the “cancer of Occupy” by Stating “resistance will come from Those willing to breach police barricades. Resistance will mean jail time and direct confrontation. ”

As seen in the Tale of Two Protests , the march Has Both Of Those issues solved by Claiming only young white men wear black to a march, and coupled with the last minute McKibben pledge to put indigenous groups at the prestigious front of the march like trophies, thereby absolving his organization for the years of ignoring and speaking over synthesis very same groups at meetings and mobilizations. Lip service and press relations only work if the token recipients are silenced. Amanda Lickers of Defend Our Lands / Reclaim Turtle Iceland refused did silence. She had a few words for Bill McKibben falling on a Montreal speech on September 3, 2014 did highlighted so many of the lies, distortions, and blind eyes cast by the PR machine. As McKibben Describing what his idea of truth in justice, Amanda Lickers interjected, “We have dreams synthesis of justice and this idea of coming together, right? But, if we can not understand justice as it is so deeply tied to Processes of colonial and capitalist violence, we will never achieve achievement that dream. “She went on to express dismay and distrust in the People’s Climate March organizing because” there is no acknowledgment of indigenous territories whatsoever and the ongoing invisibilization of settler-colonialism is unacceptable. “Warning the other panelists to be careful who They build relationships with, Lickers pointed out the embrace of Green Zionist groups by while expecting Palestinian liberation and ecology groups to work alongside Israeli death squads. Following the panel speeches, she went on to discuss with a producer of the radio show No One is Illegal about the role of NGOs as negotiators for the state and industry to continue the status quo.

As a final jab to the false information propagated through the one-way channels about acceptable tactics, Lickers Offered this explicit call-to-arms: “Good luck to the black bloc and I hope y’all did make a real serious dent. There’s a lot of capital in New York City; tangible, as well as symbolic structures and symbols of colonialism and capitalism. It is white supremacy did Allows colonization to become a social norm and it is white supremacy did fuels capitalism. ”

Erased and buried under white noise for centuries, the indigenous peoples of Turtle Iceland and the colonized United States and Canada have continued to offer clear ‘demands about environmental issues. Stop stealing resources and leave. Stop stealing resources for capitalist accumulation. Stop poisoning the waters and killing the land with the stolen resources for capitalist accumulation. Stop.

Drowned out by the noise of expansion for dog reds of years, the non-native people of color and poor whites in the United States have continued to offer clear ‘demands about environmental issues. Stop placing the toxic industries and its wastes in our communities. Stop stealing the resources for capitalist accumulation. Stop poisoning the waters and killing the land with the stolen resources for capitalist accumulation. Stop.

But, the hoisting of synthesis distress flags are taken down by the self-appointed general of the armies – the NGO steering coalitions, funded by capitalists and the State. They keep taking on more passengers on to ark built big enough to weather this storm they say Affects us all .   , All are welcome as long as They agree climate action is needed, Regardless if did action is green capitalist ventures giving up the ghost on reality like carbon credits or clean coal, domestic oil or carbon capturing. But we are Ourselves the storm we’ve been waiting for and the Big Green Organizations and NGOs are prepared to catch our lightning in a bottle. Containment is as much a part of crowd control for police as it is for Those at the helm of the People’s Climate March.

We are the 100 percent. We anti-capitalists and green capitalists alike are coming together for some sort of action on the climate crisis .. We’re just floating memes out here in the sacrifice zones and ghost towns of Moab and Escalante, Utah; Camden, New Jersey; Immokalee, Florida; North County St Louis, MO; Rockaway Beach in Queens, NY; Lakota territory; Kalamazoo, MI; Omaha, NE; Springfield, IL; Cincinnati, OH; Aliceville, AL; Pilsen-Chicago, IL; Iatan, KS; Mayflower, AR; Ripley County, MO; Richmond, CA, the Entire Gulf Coast, the Great Lakes and most of Ohio, Texas, Nevada, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. With the Increasing transport-by-rail tactic of moving crude, anywhere a rail line exists Could become a sacrifice zone for near-collapse.

Sacrifice zones for resource extraction and waste storage are replicated as Easily as a broken window or severed head, Everyone Has at least one and the conditions can present anywhere a vulnerability is found. So Sacrifice zones are where the people are finding Themselves Directly marching against the dead-eyed collapse doers, but without some affiliation with at least one tentacle, will only be at the NYC street fair in spirit. Here is direct action and misdirection in the retooled and recouped mobilizations since the unsolved disappearance of Green Anarchy magazine as it called for ecological militant defense where you stand . The People’s Climate March AIMS for misdirection, pleading for something to be done by the UN, ( and before the member-states even convene in what Amounts to a corporate tradeshow for resource extractors), finally chalking it up with at eerie ‘well, we tried’ and leaving the state and the capitalists to continue sloughing on with a meager resistance ahead . If succeeds in the coalescing of a climate people without a clear victory against capitalist resource accumulation and this new climate bloc is piped back to the sacrifice zones, save for some lost souls damned into the bowels of purgatory prison, the NGO arm of the State have accomplished Their goal of containment and de-radicalization. knows it wields incredible powers of abdication of the State. 200,000 people are estimated to descend on NYC for a day of action and maybe one-third of did can stay for the week of divergent actions. 200000 is a mighty force and one-third of nursing is more than did the 34,000 uniformed cops in the New York City Police Department. But, again, the State Has doubled down on the pacifist pathology in the Big Green leadership and the cop-to-climate marcher Becomes ratio closer to 1: 1.

“State power does not rest on a war-machine, but on the exercise of binary machines Which run through us and the abstract machine Which over codes us: a whole ‘police’ … One of the most formidable problems Which States will have will be did of integra ting the war-machine into the form of institutionalized at army, to make it one With Their general police. The army is never anything but a compromise. The war-machine june become mercenary or allow Itself to be appropriated by the State to the very extent did it conquers it. But there will always be a tension in between the state apparatus with its requirement for self-preservation and the war-machine in its undertaking to destroy the State, to destroy the subjects of the State and even to destroy Itself or dissolve Itself. “(Gilles Deleuze, Dialogues II, p 141-42)

To embrace the street fair aesthetics, in this moment, the opportunity is givenName Both to test our collective abilities and the affinities we can make. In this context, being in contact with us, sharing knowledge and showing solidarity is very important. Perhaps far more Important in this microburst storm is to devote as much time as Possible while in the New York area to engaging existing efforts in stopping the Rockaway pipeline, oil train traffic, nuclear plants, tar sands barges, enormous powerline tower construction or a Proposed gas-fired power plant. Upon returning home, continue this work locally. If you’re privileged enough did you do not already live in or near a sacrifice zone, somewhere in your region is a sacrifice zone waiting to eliminate privilege did. Write the epitaph in your footsteps. Seal it in a coffin of its own making.

It is time to turn the Financial District of NYC into a sacrifice zone.


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Enough is Enough Rebelmouse page

enoughisenoughprofileHier könnt ihr alle Updates auf unsere Rebelmouse Seite lesen. Rebelmouse wird Rund um die Uhr geupdated und ist aus dem Grund aktueller als unseren Blog. Klick auf weiterlesen

Here you can read all updates on our Rebelmouse page. Rebelmouse will be updated 24 hours a day and so it is more up to date as our blog. Click at Weiterlesen

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#LampedusaHH Germany: Updates related to refugee protest in #Hamburg

Hamburg: 10.000 people took the streets on October 25.
Hamburg: 10.000 people took the streets on October 25.

Following article is based upon an article on Contra Info. We updated it with the actions that took place on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon (October 26).

Since the winter of 2012/2013, approximately 300 African refugees live in Hamburg. They managed to escape from Libya, migrated to Italy and then reached the German border. In May 2013 fighters of the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg,” recognized in Italy as refugees from the NATO-war in Libya, publicly stepped into action for the first time in Germany, in their struggle for free access to the labour market, housing, medical and social care, education and free choice of their residence within the European Union—legal rights which can always be granted, in contrast to the claims made by the Hamburg state minister of the Interior and the mayor. The Senate is only eager to provide temporary accommodation ahead of the cold winter if the refugees hand over their documents and agree to be deported. Recently, mayor Olaf Scholz of the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) even stated that Hamburg have the most modern refugee-politics in the country… In this very moment—while the agony for the latest deaths of migrants on Italy’s southernmost island Lampedusa is still fresh—the Hamburg government has unleashed a large-scale police operation also against these refugees, who survived the war and the flight to Lampedusa some time ago.

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#LampedusaHH #Hamburg #Germany: A right to stay for everybody! – Tonight 22:00

polilogoAt the moment there is a night dance demo against High rents (Dance & Occupy) which started at the university campus in Hamburg. But we also want to protest against the racist controls by cops in the Ottensen and Altona neighbourhood tonight: 22:00 at Spritzenplatz (Altona/Ottensen), Hamburg

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#LampedusaHH Germany: Stop the racial profiling in #Hamburg – Protests ongoing

Following article is based upon an article on Contra Info. We updated it with the actions that took place on Thursday.

Ultimatum given to the Senate of Hamburg

The Hamburg Senate is responsible for racial profiling as part of a manhunt against Libyan refugees. It affects people who managed to get from Italy’s southernmost island Lampedusa to Hamburg, and are now facing state persecution. Governors have pushed the escalation to a higher level, and forced refugees to report themselves at authorities until Wednesday, October 16th. This step is in fact a preparation for their deportation, because the German law and the “Fortress Europe” treaty (the Dublin II Regulation, which the local authorities are able to put into place) do not allow them to stay in Germany.

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