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#Athens #Greece: Banner Drop in Solidarity With Berkeley Comrades

Anarchists in Athens, Greece dropped a banner in solidarity with antifa comrades in Berkeley, California

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#Athens, #Greece: Attack against an OPKE unit in #Exarchia

On Tuesday , December 6 of 2016 , 8 years after the murder of the anti-authoritarian Alexandros Grigoropoulos by the cops; anarchists, anti-authoritarians, neighbors and people who hang around Exarcheia decided to break the normality of the miserable life imposed by the social standards and resist the state repression.  Continue reading

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#Berlin: Info & discussion event: anarchist struggle in #Exarchia & #Rigaer

On the 6th of december, again a massive confrontation between anarchists and the police took place in the Athens district of Exarchia. Today, the area around the central square, the „platia“, is a no-go-area for state-servants in uniform. We want … Continue reading

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