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#France Video: Cop Pulled A Gun Against Protesters in #Rennes

In France protests against the elcection system continued today. Many schools in Paris, Nantes, Rennes and other cities were closed due to blockades by students. In Rennes 3000 students took the streets, a cop pulled a gun against protesters.

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#France: “To Become Ungovernable is No Longer an Anarchist Fad, It Has Become a Vital Necessity”

On Sunday night there were clashes in several French cities during protests against the mascarade called presidential elections. French news paper Le Monde published an interview with Julien Coupat and Mathieu Burnel, 2 of the presumptive members of the “Invisible Committee”. … Continue reading

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#Repression: Report about the Arrest of Seven Friends in #Paris

This text, written by an anonymous support group, will deal with the arrest of a constellation of International people in Paris and the unusual circumstances from which it came. This includes the new development of police tactics in demonstrations and … Continue reading

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Interview with Blocus Infos Comrade From France

After cops assualted and raped Theo with a baton, cops killed 56 year old Liu Shaoyo. Weeks of protests and clashed followed. An interview with a comrade of Blocus Infos  about the situation in France.  

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#NoBorder: International Mobilisation at the French/Italian Border

Apart from the transnational demonstration at the Serbian/Hungarian border on April 15th, there will be also an International Mobilisation at the French/Italian Border against the borders and all their world at April 15th and 16th.

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