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#Paris: Squatter Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison for Attempted Burglary

On Tuesday 24th October 2017, several comrades tried to enter an empty house to make it their home, but the property was equipped with an alarm system. All the comrades managed to flee except one, who was arrested and detained. … Continue reading

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#France: Le pen or Macron; Plague or Cholera for Majority of Population

The French presidential election in 2017 marks a profound change in the European political situation and the approach; generalized crisis in political dominance of ruling classes and political elites over social fabric.

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#GenerationIngouvernable #France: “Attacks Against the Sad Electoral Circus”

Two texts from Blasphegme #4, a mural journal that started appearing around Paris on April 4. The first text is an individualist rejection of electoralism and the society that goes with it and the second is a brief round up … Continue reading

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#Bure’s Anti-Nuclear Struggle: Info tour in Germany

After 20 years of struggle against the burying of nuclear waste in Bure (France), the determination of activists is still growing. In the year 2016, many strategies (legal actions, sabotage of the construction site, demonstrations…) were used to stop the … Continue reading

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Fourth Night of Protests in Paris After Cops Killed 56 Year Old on Sunday

Last night people gathered at Place de Republic in Paris to protest against police violence, it was the fourth night of protests in the French capital. The protesters are demanding justice for old Shaoyo Liu.  56 yearl old was killed … Continue reading

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