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First Thoughts After #NoG20 in #Hamburg: Unmasking the Police State

The G20 heads of states, German politicians and their lackeys in uniform try to sell the myth that the clashes in Hamburg were “apolitical” to the general public. First thoughts about the G20 protests and the aftermath. A lot has been written about the No G20 protests and its aftermath. With this article we want to add our first thoughts about the events of last week.


Image by Tim Lüddemann.

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Reportback #NoG20: A week in #Hamburg

After being under siege for weeks, the army of cops and the delegations of the G20 member states finally left Hamburg. Apart from necessary and legitimate resistance against social injustice and capitalism, its important to know that the German state did everything they could to escalate the NoG20 protests. One could say the state used the G20 summit to see how far they can go. Its to early to say how things will develope in the coming months but fact is that politicians are trying to use the clashes in Hamburg to go after everything what they consider as the left. For this article we used a lot of information from our NoG20 live blogs, an article by Lower Class Magazin and other reliable sources. Last but not least; the results of the summit shows that the global elite are devided, for the first time they did not manage to agree on a final statement with all subjects in it.


Image: Clashes in the Schanze district at July 7 (Image: Lower Class Magazin)

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After #NoG20 in #Hamburg: Solidarity Call

Call for solidarity with all those who were injured and with all those afftected by repression with all those affected by repression during the G20.


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#NoG20 #Hamburg: Nothing Is More Violent than the Return to Normal

“Hamburg Tidies Up” on July 9

On the afternoon of July 9, 2017, summoned by social media, a throng of fresh-faced members of the middle class descended upon the Schanze neighborhood to erase all traces of popular dissent and self-defense that remained from the preceding days’ conflicts.


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#NoG20 Raids and Arrests at The End of #G20HAM17 Summit

Press release #16 from 8 July 2017. Directly after the day of action against the G20 summit on 7 July and the police’s evacuation of the Schanzenviertel quarter, the LKA (police authority of the federal state) raided the international centre B5 in the Brigittenstrasse in St.Pauli. hhgefangenenen

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#NoG20 #Hamburg July 9: Live-Blog Demo to #G20HAM17 Prison

On June 28th we started to publish regular updates with news about the NoG20 protests in Hamburg. Today with the demonstration against repression in the Hamburg-Harburg district, where the special G20 prison is and other updates. We will update this page regularly. Refresh the page to see the updates.


Image by Twitter account @LesleyAnnJahn

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#NoG20 #Hamburg Hates the Police

Press release #15 from 8 July 2017

On 7th July 2017 the G20 summit in Hamburg officially opened – the protests on the other hand had started long before. Although 15.000 police officers were present in the city already the deployment of further police forces was requested and approved. Nevertheless the police lost complete control over some parts of Hamburg during the night after opening day. Neither the use of more than 20 water cannons nor armed vehicles, neither the massive use of riot control agents nor physical assaults made it possible to regain control. Ultimately even heavily armed special riot control squads were patrolling in the streets.


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#NoG20 #Hamburg Police: Rather Leave Injured Behind Than Take Prisoners

Press release #14 from 7 July 2017
In the early hours of the 7th of July, the action day against the G20 summit started with blockades of the delegates routes and of the harbour. Even in the forbidden zone, declared by a general decree, thousands of summit opponents came together for smaller and bigger actions and participated in diverese actions. Unfortunately – just as on the day before – people got injured.


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#NoG20: #Hamburg Bids Goodbye To the Rule of Law

Press release #13 dated 7 July 2017

On 6 July the police in Hamburg smashed the inaugural “Welcome to Hell” demonstration of more than 12,000 participants protesting against the G20 summit. In consequence, people spread throughout Hamburg, resulting in confrontations with police in several areas. The police injured so many on that day that independent medics ran out of bandages. 


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