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Wayne Price: National Self-Determination, Internationalism, and Libertarian Socialism

Some anarchists and libertarian Marxists oppose the concepts of national self-determination and national liberation. They argue that these slogans deny class struggle, endorse nationalism, is contrary to anarchist principles, and lead to Leninism. I respond to these arguments, saying that … Continue reading

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German Police Attack Kurds Against Fascism Demo in #Düsseldorf

Dozens have been injured or detained as the German police attacked the Kurds joining a centralized march in Dusseldorf against AKP fascism and German state’s criminalization of Kurds and democrats.

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Call for Global Day of Action 1 November World #Kobanè Day 2017

Invitation to 1 November World Kobani Day. Image: World Kobane Day gathering on November 1 in Madrid, 06:00pm (18:00) at Tirso de Molina.

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Statement by the Kurdish-Speaking Anarchist Forum (KAF)

Statement by the Kurdish-Speaking Anarchist Forum (KAF): No to State, No to war. Yes for self-administration and the Social revolution.

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YouTube Closes #YPG Account While Daesh (ISIS) Continues Uploading Atrocities

The US video-sharing website YouTube shut down the People’s Defense Units (YPG)’s YouTube account on August 23  for violation of the site’s guidelines.

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#Germany: Cops Ban Solidarity Demo For Kurdish Movement in #Mannheim

German police banned a demonstration against state terrorism in Turkey. Originally the demo was planned to take place on April 8th in Mannheim, Germany. Its not the first time German police banned a demonstration against Erdogan’s terror regime.

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Anarchists in #Rojava Announce #IRPGF

Statement by the International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces (IRPGF). The IRPGF is a militant armed group formed to defend Rojava, confront capital & the state, & spread anarchism.

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PKK Prisoners Around Turkey Start Hunger Strike to Free Ocalan

The demands also include an end to the isolation and torture of other political prisoners. Turkey’s political prisoners from the Kurdish Worker’s Party and Kurdistan Women’s Liberation Party started a hunger strike on Wednesday, joining fellow strikers in three other … Continue reading

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Experiences in #Rojava: Interview with an anarchist #YPG volunteer

We met and interviewed a person who travelled to Rojava to be a volunteer in the Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG). We present this interview anonymously, as wished by the person interviewed.

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The Syrian Kurds & Allegations of War Crimes: The War of Disinformation

Critics respond to Roy Gutman’s special report on the Syrian Kurdish militia.

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