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#Repression #RefugeesGR #Greece: Freedom for Mahmoud A!

On Friday 3rd of February Mahmoud A. got arrested in the asylum center of Thessaloniki when he came to attend the interview for his asylum application. He was brought to the police station of Thessaloniki and did not know why he has been arrested or for how long he will have to remain imprisoned…


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#Germany February 11: Day of Action Against Deportations

In several german cities people will protest against deportations on February 11th. The German government started to deport Afghan war refugees, but some German states are now considering to stop deporting people back to the Afghan war zone. Demonstrations are planned in Berlin, Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Düsseldorf and several other cities.


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#RefugeesGR #Athens, #Greece: Hunger Strike in #Elliniko Camp

On 5th February 2017, most of the adults (about 200, editor Enough is Enough) among the 711 refugees residing in a state-run Camp in the former Athens National Airport (Camp Elliniko II), in the majority coming from Afghanistan, started a hunger strike to protest against their degrading living conditions demanding for their transfer to homes, papers and freedom of movement for all. As reported by one of the refugees, it is very likely that residents of the two other camps in Elliniko (the nearby Olympic baseball and a hockey stadiums) might join in the protest today.

Image: Earlier today refugees didn’t let Greek migration minister Mouzala into the Ellinko refugee camp but the Migration Minister insisted to enter the camp. After 11 o’clock refugees opened the door. Two kids get slightly injured during the protest, one of which got punched by a police officer. Mouzalas entered without police forces one of the buildings but exited shortly after as refugees were reacting angrily to his presence inside. He had visited the camp last time in July 2016!

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#EIE #RefugeesGR: Supporting Refugees in #Greece and #Serbia

We are in Thessaloniki, Greece at the moment to support and work with refugees. Tomorrow we will travel to Serbia to continue our work with refugees there.

Image: The Softex refugee camp in Thessaloniki this morning.

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#NoG20 #Berlin Invitation to a networking meeting to prepare protests – against the G20 Africa Partnership Conference – June 12th to 13th 2017

Time:Wednesday, 25th of January 2017, 7 pm Location: Aquarium (near Südblock) Skalitzer Str. 6, U8/U12 Kottbusser Tor, Berlin

The Oplatz Refugee Movement has been working on a criticism of the so-called ‘EU Migration Management’ launched in 2015. African and Asian states are forced to control and prevent migration.


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#NoBorders #StopDeportations #UK: Days of Action Against Mass Deportations

In the UK a week of action against mass deportations has started.

Originally published by End Deportations

  • Saturday 14 January 2017, 12-3pm. March Against Charter Flights and their impact on communities in the UK. Brixton, London – organised by Movement for Justice.
  • Tuesday 17 January 2017, 4-5pmDemonstration against Mass Deportation. Jamaican High Commission, 1 Prince Consort Road, Kensington, London SW7 2BZ.
  • Friday 20 January 2017, 1-2pm. Stop G4S Demonstration. G4S Office, Henley Road, Cambridge CB1 0ZZ.
  • Saturday 21 January 2017, 12-3pm. March Against Charter Flights and their impact on communities in the UK. Peckham, London – organised by Movement for Justice.
  • Saturday 21 January 2017, 2-4pmPublic campaigning Against Titan Airways & Tascor, Grey’s Monument, Blackett Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7.
  • Saturday 25 January 2017, 11-1pmMarch against University Collusion with the Home Office. SOAS, University of London, Thornhaugh Street, London WC1H OXG.

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#RefugeesGR Keep #CityPlaza Open. Refugee Hotel #Athens, #Greece

On the April 22nd 2016 refugees, volunteers and solidarity activists occupied City Plaza Hotel in Athens, Greece which had been closed for 7 years. About 400 people now live in City Plaza. The self-organised project needs support.

Written by Riot Turtle for Enough is Enough.

After the closure of European borders, almost 65,000 refugees are trapped in Greece. The Greek government created more than 49 detention centers, hotspots and camps. Because of EU border policies thousands of refugees are living in cold unheated tents. City Plaza offers a safe and dignified alternative to these places where the conditions are wretched, unclean and inhumane. 

The occupied building has 126 rooms on 7 floors. A reception, bar, dining room, kitchen, storage, play ground, health care center, roof terrace, classroom and library.  The self-organised CIty Plaza project is supported exclusively through political solidarity and individual donations.

400 people are living together at City Plaza.
The numbers: More than 100 families: 165 children, 100 men, 115 women, 35 locals, activists and volunteers. Refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan & Gambia.

The philosophy of the self-organised City Plaza is clear. Refugees, locals, activists and volunteers live, work and struggle together.

International volunteers who have spent the last months at City Plaza started a  crowdfunding campaign to cover expenses.

The volunteers write that donations will go towards the essential working groups of City Plaza:

– 3 meals a day for all, that’s 1,200 meals a day
Health Care Center
– Daily appointments with doctors and nurses & coordination with public hospitals, working to resolve refugee-specific health care services
Storage space and distribution of supplies for basic needs
– Everyday the people of City Plaza are given supplies to provide for basic needs (toiletries, washing powder, supplies for babies etc) but supplies are currently low.
Maintenance of the building 
– A team of volunteers working for maintenance. City Plaza has not yet had enough funding to provide heating for the building.
Language Classes
– Greek for children, English for adults and children, German for adults and children.

All donations, big or small, if you want to support the City Plaza project please visit the crowdfunding page:

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#NoBorders: Enough is Enough! Come to #Zurich!

Refugees who are stuck and suffering because of border closures in Europe are losing hope. Earlier this week a refugee was frozen to death at the Bulgarian border. Its time to intensify the struggle for the freedom of movement. Enough is enough!

Image: Moria refugee detention center at Lesvos, Greece yesterday.

Written by Riot Turtle for Enough is Enough.

On Thursday Greek migration minister Greek Migration Policy Minister Yiannis Mouzalas told journalists that :”there are no more refugees or migrants living in the cold.”  Yesterday pictures of refugee detention camps in Greece came out. The tents were covered by snow, and proved Yianis Mouzales was telling reporters blunt lies on Thursday.

Image: Moria refugee detention center at Lesvos, Greece yesterday.

EU and other borders were closed last year, leaving many refugees stuck in countries like Syria, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary. In some of these countries, some of the refugees are being detained under appalling conditions.

While many people in countries like Serbia and Greece prepare for Orthodox Christmas, others in these countries are bedding down in freezing cold weather hoping to survive.

Temperatures in Hungary and Serbia have dropped to minus 20 degrees centigrade. Yet nearly 2,000 asylum refugees and migrants are sleeping rough in Belgrade, in front of Hungary’s “transit zones” on the Serbian border, or inside a tattered government-run tent camp in Hungary without enough aid. In Greece the situation for refugees isn’t much better, with minus 5 degrees centigrade in the Softex camp in Thessaloniki yesterday.

While people like Mike and Bego risk their butts, other activists also took a lot of risks as they did actions along European borders. But many people are also providing humanitarian aid to refugees.

Image: No borders action in Croatia in 2016. 

In a series of Tweets, Twitter account of Refugee Support (@refugee_supp) wrote yesterday: “People are freezing to death in EU detention camps. Living in tents with no real heating enduring snow storms.

But the problem isn’t only that conditions in detention camps, military camps, prisons are terrifying, it is just as well that people are detained in general!

1000s of refugees & migrants are stuck in detention, police cells & prisons just for having ‘wrong’ passport. This is institutional racism.
This will not be changed by just demanding better conditions in camps & prisons. The camps and prisons itself are the problem! #NoDetention
Of course it makes sense to raise awareness to conditions & call for heating etc.

But this is will never be enough – don’t forget that.

Don’t lower your demands / goals just because the conditions get even worse. It’s a damn trap!

We demand freedom of movement for all!
No Lager, no camp, no hot spot, no detention!

No deportation!

Break the chains. Until all are free, no one is!”

This series of Tweets are an important reminder that providing aid is important but the real struggle must be for the freedom of movement for all people and against borders.

Reece Jones, Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Hawai‘i and the author of Violent Borders: Refugees and the Right to Move said in an interview that “The root cause of border deaths are restrictive migration policies”. More than 30.000 people have now died at European borders and the number of deaths are continuing to grow.

Image: Over the Fortress demonstration against border closures at the Italian/Austrian border (Brenner) in 2016.

In 2016 actions took place at several borders in Europe but these actions need to be intensified.

From Friday January 20th until Sunday January 22nd will organise an info and discussions weekend in Zurich, Switzerland about the no borders struggle. Activists from Switzerland wrote: “An offensive struggle against this world of camps and prisons needs a language, that does not hide behind political phrases and goes beyond the habitual circles . A language, which shows itself in solidarity with other oppressed people in a militant way without degrading them to subjects. A language that does not consist of mere words, but is also understood through acts.”

Another part of the struggle for the freedom of movement is the fight against the growing number of deportations. The resistance against deportations is growing but needs to grow more.

Image: Demonstration with 1000 people against deportations in December 2016 in Dresden, Germany.

Again and again there are demonstrations against deportations across Europe. Sometimes these demonstrations take place at airports from where people get deported. But there are also groups trying to block buses that are transporting people who will be deported. Others are discussing to target companies who are making money with deportations and/or border surveillance.

The struggle for the freedom of movement has many faces and is taking place in a Europe where racist parties and opinions are growing. We need to work on our strategy, tactics and our independent media work in order to be more succesful. Come to Zurich!

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#OverTheFortress #NoBorders #Zurich: No Camps, No Prisons: Info & Discussion Weekend

An offensive struggle against this world of camps and prisons needs a language, that does not hide behind political phrases and goes beyond the habitual circles . A language, which shows itself in solidarity with other oppressed people in a militant way without degrading them to subjects. A language that does not consist of mere words, but is also understood through acts.

Originally published by Linksunten

Let’s sabotage the Federal camps! – Friday 20th January, 8 pm

In the new federal camps 5000 people are expected to be more efficiently isolated, exploited, and finally also deported. In this presentation we want to give an overview of the plans of the Swiss state and some ideas on how to cross these plans. Further we will focus on the systematic exploitation in the prisons and the businesses that profit from it.

Greetings from Brussel – Saturday 21st January, 8 pm

Some remarks on the struggles against repressive structures

While the authorities are still holding the latest round of regularisations, other groups of Sans Papiers are still trying to get documents. During theses processes their organizations of resistance start to collapse and some left amateur politicians rest on their laurels. Some individuals decide to take the struggle against a detention camp for immigrants into their own hands. With the intention of making the detention camp a social issue, they see the possibility of encounters in a position of their own choice: direct action and not delegation. Some years later and having made some new experiences, a new movement against maxi prisons is born. In this presentation there will be an overview of the past events, which characterized these moments, the difficulties encountered and what is left of it.

Bleiberecht Soli-Café – Sunday 22nd January, 5:30 pm


Where: Kernstrasse 14, 8004 Zürich,  Switzerland

Friday and Saturday vegan dinner from 6 pm

Poster (PDF )

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#NoBorders Returns to #Greece may be resumed, but humane conditions not — sign the petition against the returns

Overcrowding and non existent winterization of the camps did not prevent the EU commission from recommending the returns to Greece that were suspended in 2011 and, as we have reported, may be resumed in March 2017

Greek camps. Photo: Calais Action

Originally published by Are You Syrious

This recommendation, though, is not binding for all EU member states and can not be applied retroactively, meaning that people who reached other EU countries in the past and until the 15th of March 2017 will not be returned to Greece. The new rules will concern only asylum applicants who enter Greece irregularly or not from the 15th of March, 2017 onward, and then move without authorization to another EU country.

Conditions in Greek camps. Photo: Calais Action

Calais Action stresses that “Yet no moves are being made to force other European states to make good on their commitments to receive a quota of refugees.” Out of tens of thousands relocations that member states agreed to, only 7,006 have been carried out until the end of 2016. “ If these “Dublin” transfers are restarted Greece will once again be bearing the burden for the refugee crisis completely unsupported by other responsible Schengen states.” Calais Action collective posted next to the online petition to stop the returns to Greece. Please sign it here