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#Emeutes93 #JusticePourTheo: Reportback on Saturday’s Riot in #Bobigny

France: Clashes continued in several Paris suburbs on Sunday. Here another report from the clashes in Bobigny on Saturday.


Image: Clashes Bobigny on Saturday.

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#JusticePourTheo: Heavy Clashes in #Bobigny

Anger in France is growing after investigators stated that cops raped 22 year old Theo by accident. On saturday thousands of people gatherd to demand justice Theo in Bobigny, a suburb north of Paris. Clashes broke out and continued for about 8 hours. There were also reports from clashes in other suburbs in Paris. Activists mobilice for a huge demonstration for justice and dignity  on March 19.


Bobigny on Saturday February 11th, 2017.

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#JusticePourTheo Investigators: Cops Raped #Theo by “Accident”

Investigators stated Thursday that the cops who sodomized 22 year old Theo with a baton did so by chance, and that the incident doesn’t represent rape. Angry protestors clashed with police on Friday again, the 7th day of clashes in several French cities. In a live broadcasting on state tv “France 2” of French music awards “Victoires 2017” popstar Imany demanded justice for Theo and Adama. Adama died in police custody last year.

Smashed windows of an insurance company in Grenoble, France on February 10.

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#JusticePourTheo #AulnaySousBois #France: Clashes Continue – Testimony by Theo

Clashes continued in several french cities tonight. The clashes started on Saturday after cops beaten and raped 22 year old Theo in Aulnay-Sous-Bois (15 kilometers north of Paris) on Thursday.

Clashes in Rennes, France tonight

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Clashes In #AulnaySousBois: 22yo Raped By Cops #justicepourtheo

On Thursday evening four cops arrived at a housing estate in Aulnay-sous-Bois, north of Paris, where they began stopping youths and asked for their identy papers. During the police operation, a 22 year old man, Theo, was allegedly forced to the ground, beaten and raped with a police baton. On Saturday evening riots broke out in Aulnay-sous-Bois, clashes continued on Sunday and Monday.


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