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Hands off from #CityPlaza and all other Refugee Squats!

Call for solidarity with City Plaza and all other refugee squats by No Borders Wuppertal (Germany).

Eisbrecher Wtal

Image (archive): Solidarity action with City Plaza in Wuppertal, Germany on April 30, 2017.

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#Squat #Euskadi: Let’s Defend #Errekaleor!

On the 18th of May, employees of the electricity company Iberdrola came to cut of electricity to the squatted Errekaleor neighbourhood in Gasteiz (In Spanish; Vitoria), Euskadi. The employees were accompanied by dozens of riot cops. This could well be the start of a campaign to evict the squats in Errekaleor. After the action a wave of solidarity started. On the third of June there will be a demo in Gasteiz.


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#RefugeesGR Call for Solidaity #SquatsGR Orfanotrofio #Thessaloniki

Last summer the Squat Orfanotrofio in Thessaloniki was evicted and demolished by the Greek government. One commerade faces repressions now for the squating alone, standing at court for all of us, on the trial on the 31.05.2017. We call for solidarity.


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Cops Threaten to Evict #Squat in #Bochum, #Germany

In Bochum, Germany there is a growing solidarity with the people who squatted an empty building in the Herner Str 131. Police authorities are not so amused. They threaten to evict the building. Activists ask people to be ready for eviction alerts. A demo is planned and decentral solidarity actions are appreciated.


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#Bochum #Germany: New Building Squatted – #SquatBo

Parallel to the “reclaim the city!” night dance demo an empty building on the Herner street 131 (Herner Straße) in Bochum, Germany was squatted tonight.


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#Squat #Chicago: Drop the Charges on The Swamp 5

On the 11th of May, five of our friends were arrested in an illegal eviction carried out by the Chicago Police Department under orders from management company Barnett Capital, “an alternative investment firm focusing in real estate, asset-based financing, and equipment leasing”. Barnett Capital is one of the main driving forces in the process of displacement and gentrification currently facing the Black & Brown communities of Little Village and Lawndale.


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#Barcelona: #CanVies Social Center Saved

How solidarity and mutual aid saved Barcelona’s Can Vies Squat for eviction and destruction.


Image: Clashes after Can Vies eviction at May 27th, 2014 in Barcelona.


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#Belgrade: Refugees Evicted From the Squatted Warehouses

Serbian authorities evicted the barracks behind the main train station of Belgrade today. During the eviction offcials of the commisariate sprayed insecticides in the barracks at a time as many refugees were still inside.


Image by BelgrAid Facebook page

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#Thessaloniki: Trial Against #Albatros #SquatsGR Eviction Arrestees Postponed

The trial against the arrested at the eviction of the squatted house Albatros on April 5th 2017 that was supposed to happen last Thursday 4th of May was postponed again to December 15th 2017.


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