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Kids, Klezmer and Black Bloc- #Gothenburg 30/9

I was asked to write a piece for the Swedish anarchist magazine Brand about the resistance against the Nazi march in Gothenburg 30/9. The subject of the issue was joy and militancy, here you go!


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SödrⒶ Klubben: The IPCC Report or Green Business as Usual

We live in a time when it is not only animal species that are disappearing; so too are the words, expressions, and gestures of human solidarity. A cloak of silence has been forcibly imposed on emancipatory struggle: the struggles of women, or of the unemployed, the ‘marginalized’, and immigrants – the new proletarians.” – Félix Guattari


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#Malmö: Solidarity Popklubb with #NoG20 Prisoners

On July 6-8, 2017, thousands of people protested in Hamburg against the international summit of the 19 most powerful states and the EU (the so-called G20). This, otherwise “informal”, summit essentially defines the most important socioeconomic decisions and alliances on the planet. Under the motto “Hamburg G20: welcome to Hell”, for four days the city of Hamburg experienced an unprecedented wave of protests against the world’s powerful. A heterogeneous and formless mass of activists that turned into a synchronized choreography of resistance against capitalism, state, and authority. Activists effectively confronted the police state that the German government attempted to impose in the city. We saw in front of our eyes, how one of the world’s most well-oiled suppressive apparatus was totally disorganized by direct action and decentralized attacks in the broader area of St. Pauli. The events of Hamburg create optimism about the activist future and a world without oppression.


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AFA (antifa) #Helsingborg: Martin Karlsson Tells About its Defection from NMR

Defections from the nationalist movement happen regularly. It happens for various reasons and many want to move on with their lives. When we handle contacts with defectors we always do that discreetly. Martin Karlsson however has expressed a wish to tell about its defection from NMR and has also chosen to not be anonymous.


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AFA [antifa] #Gothenburg: Wide and Popular Anti-Fascism Stopped the Nazis

The Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) had mobilized vigorously for the demonstration in Gothenburg on their web page and on social media. The hope was that the demonstration would become the largest that NMR had organized, with a hope for over 1000 demonstration participants. In spite of heavy mobilization from the Nazis it became a failure with about 300-400 participants. The Nazis’ demonstration could be stopped thanks to a wide anti-fascism.


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#ARNA: Fight the Nazi March in #Gothenburg, #Sweden

On the 30th of September the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) will try to march through Gothenburg. Their march is staged at the same time as the biggest book fair in the Nordic countries, attracting about 100 000 participants. This is a call for Nordic participation in the antifascist protests and to a radical left book fair during the weekend.


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Antifascist Action #Sweden: Solidarity With #Charlottesville

Solidarity statement by the Antifascist Action Sweden after the fascist murder in Charlottesville. Virgina (USA).


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