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AFA [antifa] #Gothenburg: Wide and Popular Anti-Fascism Stopped the Nazis

The Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) had mobilized vigorously for the demonstration in Gothenburg on their web page and on social media. The hope was that the demonstration would become the largest that NMR had organized, with a hope for over 1000 demonstration participants. In spite of heavy mobilization from the Nazis it became a failure with about 300-400 participants. The Nazis’ demonstration could be stopped thanks to a wide anti-fascism.


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#ARNA: Fight the Nazi March in #Gothenburg, #Sweden

On the 30th of September the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) will try to march through Gothenburg. Their march is staged at the same time as the biggest book fair in the Nordic countries, attracting about 100 000 participants. This is a call for Nordic participation in the antifascist protests and to a radical left book fair during the weekend.


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Antifascist Action #Sweden: Solidarity With #Charlottesville

Solidarity statement by the Antifascist Action Sweden after the fascist murder in Charlottesville. Virgina (USA).


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