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enoughcrowdfundingnovdecOur equipment suffered a lot from traveling around Europe for our independent on the ground reports. We need new microphones for better audio on our video reports, a new laptop (the last one crashed in Catalonia) and have a lot of expenses for our on the ground reporting.

We want to stay independent and want to expand our work with on the ground reporting across Europe and even beyond. Therefore we need your support. Help maintain our site and continue our work. Your donations make our work possible.

We did and do a lot of on the ground reporting in Europe. On December 17 we will travel to Lesvos (Greece) and in January we will travel from Lesvos to Athens to report on the ground.

Each donation helps, also the small ones. Thank you for supporting our project.

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At the moment we are also pushing a crowdfunding campaign of the Cars of Hope collective on our blog. Cars of Hope will work with refugees on Lesvos and in Athens and we will document their mutual aid campaign in Greece. The money from the Cars of Hope crowdfunding campaign will be used for their work with refugees only. Thats why Enough is Enough need their own crowdfunding campaign (Apart from maintaining our site, buying new equipment and our work in Catalonia, Greece and many other countries).

Watch our documentary from September 2017 (and you will hear why we need new microphones) about the situation of refugees on Lesvos. Lesvos: Close The Camps & Open The Islands

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