Free Speech and Liberal Complicity With Fascist Organizing

The following is a segment from a presentation given at the Seattle Anarchist Bookfair this past summer, entitled Freedom Itself: An anti-state presentation and discussion on free speech and fascism.



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#Kropotkin: An Appeal to the Young

Today it’s the birthday of Peter Kropotkin. Happy Birthday!

“Peter Kropotkin…was recognized by friend and foe as one of the greatest minds…of the nineteenth century… The lucidity and brilliance of his mind combined with his warm-heartedness into the harmonious whole of a fascinating and gracious personality. ” -Emma Goldman


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Lucy Parsons on the “Harmony” Between Capital & Labor: The Robber and the Robbed

A letter to the editor by Lucy Parsons. The letter is from December 7, 1878.


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Anarchists Responding to Operation Erebo in #Brazil

On the 25th of October, 2017, several anarchists’ homes and social spaces were raided by the police in Porto Alegre, on the territories occupied by the Brazilian State.


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San Francisco Dec12: #J20 Resisters Court Support and Petition Delivery

Fill Gascon’s Office to Demand The DA Drops Charges, Pack the Courtroom for the J20 Resisters! Tuesday December 12, 08:30am PST on 850 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94103-4763, United States.


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Practices of Self-Organisation in South Africa: The Experience of the 1980s and its Implications for Contemporary Protest

The talk that I’m going to present today is based on a research project that I carried out with my colleague Vladislav Kruchinsky in South Africa in 2011-2013. The aim of our research was to analyse and explore the methods and practices of self-organisation from below that existed in the crucial 1980s period of the anti-apartheid struggle.


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Emma Goldman’s Disillusionment with Marxism-Leninism, Not the Russian Revolution

In the chapter on the Russian Revolution in Volume One of Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian IdeasI included excerpts from the Afterword to Emma Goldman’s My Further Disillusionment with Russia (originally published in 1924)But as Emma Goldman noted in a handwritten inscription to the book, what she was disillusioned with was the Bolsheviks (today known as “Marxist-Leninists”), who had strangled the Revolution, not with the Russian Revolution, which had begun with such great promise.


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#Lesvos: 14 #RefugeesGR Still Detained After Police Operation on December 4

Lesvos, Greece: 14 of the refugees who were detained during the police operation on December 4 are still detained. Yesterday a group of women started to protest in front of the regional council building. The protesting refugees demand freedom of movement and want to leave the island.


Image by Twitter account @AHampay

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Christmas Behind Barbed Wire – Cars Of Hope Supports Refugees on #Lesvos

On December 17th Cars of Hope activists from Wuppertal (Germany) and surrounding cities will head off to Greece to support refugees. Some of the Enough is Enough team will join them. The central work will take place on Lesvos. Part of the group will stay until mid-January 2018. Misery is even harder during the cold season, several people suffered a painful death due to extreme temperatures last year. And the supply situation remains more than poorly: refugees staying in Moria Camp are served food only once a day. With a capacity of 2000 people, Moria Camp is currently facing the challenge of supplying up to 5000. Other refugees live in one of two additional camps or are completely on their own.


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Spontaneous Demos Against Police Violence and to Commorate #AlexisGrigoropoulos in #Germany #NoG20

A small but determined spontaneous demo marched through Neumünster, Germany last night to commemorate Alexis Grigoropoulis and to protest against police violence. There were also actions and demonstrations in other German cities like Wuppertal and Berlin.


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