On the Question of Violence and Nonviolence

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#France Video: Cop Pulled A Gun Against Protesters in #Rennes

In France protests against the elcection system continued today. Many schools in Paris, Nantes, Rennes and other cities were closed due to blockades by students. In Rennes 3000 students took the streets, a cop pulled a gun against protesters.


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#Vienna: #Squat in Kienmayergasse 15 Evicted – And now?

The occupation of the building in Kienmayergasse 15 in Vienna (Austria) is over, but the struggle goes on! Noone left the house voluntarily! Noone fulfilled the demands of the owner and noone left voluntarily! At the time of the eviction there was noone home, but that doesn’t mean that the occupiers didn’t prefer to stay! That the police evicted the building based on an action for eviction of the owner „Vestwerk“, shows clearly who the law and the its executioners are protecting: property, profit, power,… Those who don’t these things loose, get displaced, become the affected ones of a capitalist logic of exploitation, which they didn’t choose.


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#Ljubljana Joins #Friedel54 Action Week

Friedel 54 in Berlin has been home away from home for many of us throughout the years, as it was always open for our talks, discussions, and meetings. Places like Friedel are important because they are a meeting point for local and international activists, a place that stands against effects of gentrification and inspires us to fight where we live, stand and work.


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Netherlands: Spui 275A/277 Squatted in The Hague

On April the 24th two new buildings were squatted in the city center of the Hague. Although there is an anti-squatting law in the Netherlands since 2010, squatting continues.


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#Athens #Greece: Banner Drop in Solidarity With Berkeley Comrades

Anarchists in Athens, Greece dropped a banner in solidarity with antifa comrades in Berkeley, California


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#Mayday #SF & #Oakland: “An Injury to One is an Injury to All”

International Longshore Workers Union’s May Day 2017 Rally and Port Shutdown in Oakland and San Francisco.

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#OverTheFortress Visiting a friend in a Deportation Camp in Nyírbátor in Hungary

In the beginning of march, we visited our friend Mohammed (for security reasons anonymous name) in a deportation Camp in Nyírbátor in Hungary. He is a refugee from Algeria and was crossing the serbian-hungarian border, when he was caught by the hungarian border police. They detained him in a closed camp, also called ‘Immigration Detention’ for six months. After six months, which is the maximum stay time, he was moved to the deportation camp.


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Housing an Anarchist Approach – Colin Ward

Collection of essays on housing and the built environment from 20th century British anarchist and town planner, Colin Ward. First published by Freedom Press 1976 in London.


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#RefugeesGR #Athens: Open Letter To Ms. Aliki Papachela, Owner of the #CityPlaza Hotel

On April the 22nd 2016 refugees, volunteers and solidarity activists occupied City Plaza Hotel in Athens, Greece which had been closed for 7 years. About 400 people now live in City Plaza. The self-organised project is under eviction threat.


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