#CopWatch: Wave of Impunity Carries Cressida Dick Into Commissioner’s Job

The word “impunity” – exemption from any possibility of punishment or harm – comes up again and again when bereaved families talk about the death of a loved one at the hands of the police. The family of Jean Charles de Menezes used it again in a statement yesterday.


Image: Jean Charles de Menezes’ relatives march alongside other custody death families in Whitehall, October 2006. Image taken by Kevin Blowe

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#ICEraids: Santa Cruz Police Says Homeland Security Misled Local Authorities

According to local authorties, Homeland Security was misleading local authorities before, during and after ICE raids in Santa Cruz, California earlier this month.


Image: Armoured vehicle during an ICE raid at February 13th in Santa Cruz, California

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#Belgravia Squatters #London: “As Close To The Queens Bedroom As Possible”

London, UK: Squatting collective the Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians (ANAL) continue to underline exactly how much high-end housing is lying empty while homeless people sleep on the rain-soaked concrete, having spent last night moving into another mansion. The group wrote: “Facing a police enforced eviction at 4 Grovesnor Gardens, ANAL have decided to relocate AS CLOSE TO THE QUEENS BEDROOM as possible…. Overlooking Wellington barracks, introducing our new squat, 19 Buckingham Gate.”


Image: London, UK: New squat, 19 Buckingham Gate

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#NoG20 A Call F0r Nordic Participation In The G20 Summit In #Hamburg 6-8th Of July

The Autonomous Revolutionary Nordic Alliance (ARNA) published a call for the No G20 protests in Hamburg from July 6 until July 8th of July. On their blog the alliance writes “We are a network of anti-capitalist, feminist and antifacist groups from the Nordic countries, wishing to organize a strong Nordic participation in the protest against the G20 summit in July.” The alliance will organise transportation to Hamburg for people who want to join the protests against the G20.


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#Honduras: José Santos Sevilla, Earth Defender, Murdered

José Santos Sevilla, a leader in the Tolupán tribe, is another example of what it means to be an Earth defender in Honduras. In the municipality of Orica this environmentalist was murdered during the morning hours when five people broke into his home and shot him repeatedly.


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#Hungary: Free #Roeszke11! Appeal of #YamenA Starts At February 28th

Two of the so-called Roeszke 11 are still imprisoned in Hungary. Ahmed H., a Syrian man was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment on “terrorism” charges during November of 2016.  Yamen A. was sentenced to to 3 years the next month. Yamen’s appeal against his sentence will start on February the 28th. The other 9 people of the Roeszke 11 were released after they finished their sentence and left Hungary.


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Working With #Refugees on the Balkan Route “To Get Shit Done!”

Cars of Hope is a group from Wuppertal, Germany that works with refugees along the so called “Balkan route”. After more borders were closed in Europe, and the implementation of the EU/Turkey deal, a lot of things have changed. An interview with Cars of Hope activist René Schuijlenburg.

Click at image above to support the Cars of Hope crowdfunding campaign

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The Fall of #Milo: Conservatives Finally Listen to What #Antifa Was Trying to Say

We can go on about all the crap that Milo Yiannopoulos has gotten away with over the years, but for now we’ll just enjoy the fact that he can’t anymore.

When neo-Fascist writer Milo Yiannopoulos appeared at Berkeley College as part of his “Dangerous Faggot” speaking tour, antifa were out to oppose him as they have at many of his tour stops. And as has been the case in a few of those stops things flared up to the point that a full-on riot ensued. In the end, Yiannopoulos had his appearance canceled and conservatives from the lowliest of bloggers to Donald Trump himself were angered.


Image: Feb. 21, 2017 – neo-Fascist writer and now former Brietbart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos addresses controversy surrounding him during press conference.

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#Squat #London: Slap 5 Out Now

Heads-up for the long-awaited Issue 5 of your friendly, local squatters’ paper.

SLAP! is a squatter’s freesheet first printed in early 2016. After a quick half-year of squat-hopping, sitting around and organising elsewhere, some of us involved in the previous four issues teamed up with others and knocked-together a fifth. SLAP! is back to support the flow of counter-info between London squats and act as a semi-regular message-board for squat happenings, updates and unapologetic ideas.


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#Anarchism: The first issue of Plain Words is here!

The first issue of Plain Words is here!. Plain Words is a website and publication that focuses on spreading news and developing analyses of struggles in and around Bloomington, Indiana. As anarchists, we approach these struggles from an anti-state, anti-capitalist perspective. However, we aren’t interested in developing a specific party line – even an anarchist one – and instead value the diverse forms resistance can take.


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