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#NoDAPL: #Trump Executive Memorandum on DAPL violates law & tribal treaties

The decision puts water for 17 million people at risk

Cannon Ball, N.D. — The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe said today that President Donald Trump’s executive action towards an approval of an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline risks contaminating tribal and American water supplies while disregarding treaty rights. The Trump administration’s politically motivated decision violates the law and the Tribe will take legal action to fight it.


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After #Milo Shooting & #DisruptJ20: What Counts as Violence? Why the Right Can Shoot Us Now

A long-time anti-fascist was shot Friday night during a protest of alt-right racist and troll Milo Yiannopoulos, in the middle of a crowded square. The shooter, who later turned himself in, claiming self-defense, was released by UW police early Saturday morning. Somehow, this is barely newsworthy. Meanwhile, local news outlets condemn the violent protesters for throwing “potentially lethal” balloons filled with paint. This is our new reality.


Image: Milo Yiannopoulos posing with an automatich riffle.

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#DisruptJ20 #Antifa: Defend the Richard Spencer Puncher!

Preemptive legal and medical fund being undertaken by Antifa Philadelphia.
Neonazi Richard Spencer took a sucker punch heard around the world, for many people brightening an otherwise terrifying inauguration day. Richard Spencer has twice tweeted that on Saturday he filed a police report and fascist group wesearchr is fundraising a bounty for information on the antifa puncher. Philly Antifa is fundraising for the legal defense (if found and charged) or the health care costs (if attacked) of the puncher. We do not know who the puncher is nor are in touch with them, however we have years of experience raising legal defense for militant antifascists and are committed to distributing the funds to anyone accused if and when they are needed.

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Support The Comrades Arrested During #DisruptJ20!

On Friday January 20th more than 200 people were arrested in Washington DC during the protests against the inauguration of Donald Trump. All comrades were released again but many will face legal battles in the coming months.


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#NoDAPL Means No Surrender!

In response to the violent resource colonialism perpetuated by DAPL
employees, Morton County Sheriff’s Dept., and the U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers, there are many warrior societies (Akicitas) forming in all
camps surrounding the struggle against the construction of the Dakota
Access oil pipeline on stolen indigenous land.

BC-US--Oil Pipeline Protests

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#Disrupt2017: Thoughts on #Trump, #DisruptJ20, #WomensMarch & Fascists Around the Globe

After fascist governments were elected in EU member states Hungary (Fidesz) and Poland (PiS), in November 2016 Donald Trump was elected as US president. In contrast to the easy transition of the fascist Fidesz und PiS governments in Hungary and Poland, Donald Trump’s election was followed by massive protests and some initial acts of resistance. These are few thoughts from Europe.


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#Milo #UW#Seattle Shooting Victim is Anti-Racist Organizer ; Victim was de-escalating conflict at protest when shot

Seattle, WA — The victim of the shooting at University of Washington’s Seattle Campus (UW-Seattle) on Friday, January 20, 2017, is a member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and the IWW’s General Defense Committee (GDC), an anti-racist and anti-fascist organization. He was present at the protests against Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos on Friday night to oppose Milo’s hateful speech, which encourages violence towards minority groups, and has resulted in actual violence in the past. The victim spent the period prior to being shot de-escalating conflicts between protesters and counter-protesters.


Pressrelease January 22th, 2017 by IWW General Defense Committee

The shooter is unknown to the public at this point. Despite using a firearm against another unarmed citizen in a place where firearms are prohibited, the Seattle Police Department (SPD) released the shooter shortly after he turned himself in. It is unclear to us that this is standard SPD practice. We do not yet know the real motivations behind the actions of the shooter at Friday’s protest. We do know that he brought a loaded weapon on the UW’s campus, into a protest situation. We understand that this is already a violation of law. We do know that he claimed self-defense against a person who was explicitly there to de-escalate violence, and that the shooter appears to have a considerable amount of confusion as to whom he shot, since he claims to have thought the victim was himself a white supremacist. The shooter displayed a serious lack of responsibility when he brought a loaded firearm onto UW’s campus in a protest situation, and even more when he used it. We do not understand the rationale for releasing this man.

The victim is a 34-year-old man from Seattle who has been a long-time anti-racist and anti-fascist activist. The shooter has apparently claimed that he shot the victim in ‘self-defense.’ The victim was unarmed and attempting to de-escalate conflict at the protest. We request that the press not identify the victim by name. The so-called ‘alt-right’ is notorious for creating virtual mobs to harass those with whom they disagree. The press should resist unintentional collaboration with these tactics. We recognize the pressure for the media to get stories out early and first. We request that the media engage with the victim directly, when he is recovered sufficiently to do so. In the meantime, please refrain from repeating the shooter’s claim that the victim was a white supremacist, without qualifying it with our statement.

The greatest needs for our member are of course personal, physical, and emotional. But the financial needs will be great. Supportive members of the public can donate to the shooting victim’s recovery fund at the internet address below.

We are deeply saddened by the attack on our friend. We are saddened but not surprised that the police released the attacker so swiftly.

To donate to the victim’s medical funds, please visit:

Written by IWW General Defense Committee


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After #Trump #Inauguration: Democracy is Dying: As it Should

Inauguration Day 2017 will be a day of remembrance for future generations because something has died and none of us is sure what should take its place. We have been watching the steady decline of democracy since before Obama, but were not quite sure where to stand. If you were not directly affected by the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007 you probably did not have much to criticize other than what flashed across the news surrounding Zuccotti Park in September 2011. Maybe you went to the first Occupy demonstrations or suffered through financial and political frustrations as the nation watched its first large-scale blossom of activism since protests against the Iraq war began in February 2003. Occupy was the first thing that felt immediately political for a generation of new activists who solidified their identities with the rally cry, “This is What Democracy Looks Like!”


Image: Wasington DC on January 20th; “This is what democracy looks like!”

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From #DisruptJ20 To #Disrupt2017: LIVE from #DC: Refuse Fascism Announces Plans

From #DisruptJ20 To #Disrupt2017: LIVE from #DC: Refuse Fascism Announces Plans for No Business As Usual


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#DisruptJ20 #BlackBloc: Who Are These Protesters In Black And Why Are They Smashing Things?

An article by MSM DCist. Note that the number of arrests was far higher at the end of the day as the 90 people that were arrested at the moment the article was written.  We would also like to advice you to read How Nonviolence Protects the State, a book written by Peter Gelderloos. The book isn’t especially about the blacl bloc tactic but is a must read about nonviolence.

Police have arrested more than 90 people so far today in D.C., many of them masked, black-clad hooligans who videos show swarming the streets carrying anarchist flags and smashing bank and Starbucks windows. They also may be responsible for setting a limousine on fire.


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