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Call: Unregistered Revolutionary #Mayday Demo in #Berlin

This years revolutionary first of May demo in Berlin will not be registered. Its the 30th anniversary of the revolutionary mayday demonstration, which started after the uprising on the first of May in 1987. After a lot of debate about the way the mayday demo developed in the past years, especially criticized by anarchists, but also from other parts of the left, the demo will be unregistered this year. Like the uprising of 1987 was. We don’t need no license to resist!


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Global Mayday 2017: Enough is Enough! #Disrupt2017!

May 1st is a day of special significance for anarchists and the labour movement. It originated with the execution of four anarchists in Chicago in 1887 for organising workers in the fight for the eight-hour day in the year before. Thus May Day is a product of “anarchy in action” — of the struggle of working people using direct action in labour unions to change the world. While it has been hijacked by reformist unions and social-democrats in Germany and elsewhere, for the anarchist and syndikalist movement May Day is a day of world-wide struggle and solidarity. A day to remember past struggles and a day to fight for a better future. A day to remember that an injury to one is an injury to all.


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