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Note on the new fascisms

Two years ago we wrote the following on the question of a state fascization that is not only coming, but already exists: The “institutional preventive dispositive” that characterizes the current state, which for Poulantzas, however, also already characterized authoritarian etatism in the 1980s, has today been so smoothly and at the same time intensively ground into state and non-state apparatuses and institutions and has developed into a fundamental dispositive (alongside the official state of parliamentary democracy), that it is no longer possible to speak only of an osmosis between the preemptive dispositif and the official state, as Poulantzas still does, but of the temporary dominance of a creeping fascization process characterized by the preemptive logic, which is completely new in its structure and does not correspond to any previous historical period of statehood. Due to a specifically coded crisis scenario (the fight against terrorism) and, in particular, due to the hegemonic inscription of preventive logic, the security state, which relies entirely on executive power, is today taking political and legal measures that permanently alter the apparatus of the normal capitalist state and transform its rule of law, but without having to deny it itself.

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Note on Boredom

Again and again Achim Szepanski publishes great stuff on Non Copyriot. We translated his piece “Note on Boredom”. We ask you to forgive us possible minor translation errors, it wasn’t easy to translate this text.

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