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#Paris – Trial of a “Black Vest”: Outrage and Truth

On Tuesday, January 28, 2020, the trial of a “Black Vest” activist was held in the 28th criminal chamber of the Paris Court of Justice. In a small room on the 6th floor in the glass building, a particularly boring, if not life-threatening, rehearsal took place. This room is that of the French justice system, that of proceedings without evidence, except for the statements of police officers and the absence of investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. A report.

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#France: Autonomy and mass movement

The movement against the French government’s plans to “reform” the pension system continues over the Christmas holidays. On Christmas Eve, for example, there was only one train from Berlin to Paris due to the work stoppages. Within the antagonistic and radical parts of the movement, starting from the experiences of the social protests and movements of the last few years and taking into account the changes that the Gilets Jaunes movement has introduced into the forms of social conflictuality, the character and the way forward in the current phase of the struggle is being discussed. The text ‘Autonomy and Mass Movement’ is a product of these discussions.

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