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#UK #AFED: Cops’ lame attempt to prevent dissent

UK. Recently, you may have noticed that ‘Counter Terrorism Policing’ decided that the AF is enough of a threat to include our logo in their guide, now withdrawn, which aimed to advise teachers and medical staff about potential extremists. Joining us in the guide were other anarchist-linked groups, such as Class War and Solidarity Federation but also groups that have a reputation for being a lot more tame in their political outlook such as Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion (XR) and Stand Up to Racism. Clearly, the term terrorism would not be applied to these groups and their actions in most people’s minds. In response to the widespread backlash to their targeting of environmental groups, the police pointed to a note in the guide that said, “not all of the signs and symbols noted within this document are of counter-terrorism interest.” However, that note was placed only within the section of the guide about far-right and white groups, relating to their use of pagan symbolism, which is ironic since right-wing groups and individuals were judged by the Met in 2019 to be the fastest growing terrorist threat in the UK!

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