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Vermont Labor takes sharp left turn

Vermont. Van Deusen elected as president, Adie as executive vice president. On September 15, 2019, in South Burlington Vermont, former Green Mountain Anarchist Collective-NEFAC member David Van Deusen was elected President of the Vermont AFL-CIO. Former ISO member, and union nurse, Tristin Adie was elected as Executive Vice President. Van Deusen and Adie were part of the larger progressive United! slate which swept into leadership positions capturing 14 of the 15 seats on the Vermont State Labor Council’s Executive Board. This marks a sharp turn towards the left for Organized Labor in Vermont. Let’s see what comes next!

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Van Deusen runs for #Vermont AFL-CIO president

David Van Deusen

Montpelier, VT, 8/1/19 – David Van Deusen, co-founder of the Green Mountain Anarchist Collective and former member of NEFAC & ARA has announced that he is running for President of the 10,000 member Vermont AFL-CIO as part of a new progressive slate (Vermont AFL-CIO United!).  The union election takes place in September. Van Deusen, as an AFL-CIO District Vice President, recently led the Green Mountain Central Labor Council into supporting the YPG/YPJ and the struggle in Rojava (as part of that support the VT AFL-CIO sponsored a returning American fighter who served with the YPG).  In May, working with allied unions and community organizations, Van Deusen organized a 500 strong picket line in Burlington, VT, against visiting union-buster Scott Walker. Below is his campaign announcement and his slate’s ten point program.

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