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Alfredo M. Bonanno: Why a Vanguard?

Another essay by Alfredo M. Bonanno:  Why a Vanguard? We have added the English version of an introduction of a German translation of this Bonanno text.

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Alfredo M. Bonanno: Class War

An essay from 1975 by Alfredo M. Bonanno.

In Italy there is a civil war in course. Just as in every other part of the world, the mortal clash has well defined characteristics in relation to the conditions of exploitation imposed by the dominant class. That is why we are speaking of class (civil) war.

State violence and defensive class violence are opposing each other in a clash that only the politically short-sighted insist on not seeing. The terrorism of the various organisations in the service of the bosses is a constantly detectable element, just as in the other field, an organisation of defence is beginning to take shape against the State assassins, organisations that should be examined and evaluated in their limits and perspectives. The other discourse, the so-called legalitarian one, the discourse that finds its own phonetic expression in parliament, can also be evaluated precisely once it is inserted into the logic of a conflict in course. This is what we shall see.

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