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Amedeo Bertolo: Fanatics of freedom

A central thesis animates the following essay by Amedeo Bertolo: for anarchism, freedom is inconceivable independently of equality, diversity and solidarity.

Image above: Varese, November 21, 1962: the trial for the kidnapping of the Spanish vice consul, which began on November 13th, ends positively for the accused, who are sentenced to a minimum sentence. This shot, taken from “L’Agitazione del Sud”, attests to the favorable outcome for the young anti-fascists, who are immediately released (correction: Gianfranco Pedron and not Giancarlo). “After the death sentence of this Spanish comrade and the lack of reaction of other young anti-fascists whom we had addressed, it was decided rather hastily, also because times did not allow for procrastination, to take the Spanish consul of Milan hostage. We organized this action fairly amateurishly, and yet it worked anyway.” (Carmilla)

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