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#Amsterdam, September 15, Info Evening: Anarchists from #Argentina; Struggles and Repression

Anarchist comrades talk about the situation, struggles and repression in Argentina over the last few years. The info event will take place on September 15, 2017, 07:30pm (19:30) in Bollox, Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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#NoG20 Police Violence Projected on German Consulate in #Amsterdam

Activists projected the excessive police violence during the NoG20 protests on the German consulate in Amsterdam last night. Meanwhile repression is growing in Germany. After the ban on Linksunten on August 25, authorities deployed SEK squads with automatic riffles against … Continue reading

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Report: Solidarity Demo in #Amsterdam for #NoG20 Prisoners

Earlier tonight people took the streets in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to protest in solidarity with the NoG20 prisoners. Image: Tonights solidarity demo in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Image by Indymedia NL.

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August 17 #Amsterdam: Demonstration in Solidarity with #Charlottesville

On August 17, 2017, there will be a demonstration in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in solidarity with Charlottesville. The demonstration will start at 08:00pm, at Spui, Amsterdam (Netherlands).

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#Amsterdam: Bad news for the #ADM Squat

The municipality of Amsterdam lost from the so-called owners (‘the Chidda’s) in the court case about ‘enforcing’ (the fact that one isn’t allowed to live on the ADM, according to the zoning plan).  

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#Koblenz: Solidarity With the Activists in #Amsterdam

We show our solidarity with all the activists who were arrested in Amsterdam in course of the “Code Rood” climate camp. The protests were directed against the Dutch company Nuon, which belongs to the Vattenfall Group. At present, about a … Continue reading

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#Amsterdam: Info Night About the Juridical Side of Squatting

Info night about the Juridical side of Squatting. Molli – van Ostadestraat 55hs, Amsterdam. Saturday, July 1, 07:00pm.

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#Squat #Amsterdam: Refugee Collective “We Are Here” Wins Court Case

Yesterday, the Somali group of We Are Here won the court case against the State of the Netherlands with regard to their stay at Florijn 8-11 in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. The authorities ordered the immediate eviction of the ‘Vluchtlumumba’, which they started … Continue reading

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#Jeruzalem District: Two houses Re-Squatted in Amsterdam

Two houses were re-squatted yesterday in Jeruzalem (Amsterdam) after being left empty by Rochdale since the eviction of the previous squatters in January.

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#Amsterdam: New #Squat on Singel

This afternoon (Sunday, March 19th) a building was squatted at Singel 356 in Amsterdam. The canal house, which has monument status, was last sold in 2014 to a British hedge fund banker based in Switzerland. Prior to the sale, the … Continue reading

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