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“The Left in the West must rethink” — a conversation with Taras Bilous

“If leftists continue to blame NATO for the Russian invasion, they only show that they have not grasped the changed situation,” says Taras Bilous. The editor of the left-wing Ukrainian magazine Commons wrote a letter to the left in the West shortly after the war began. In it, he criticized the fact that the people in the Eastern European states and their political ideas, but also Putin’s aggressive imperialism, do not seem to exist for the left in the West, which is fixated on NATO. Taras Bilous has stayed in Kyiv and joined an anarchist group that organizes aid activities and builds its own defense unit. In this interview, he talks about how the war has changed his political perspective, what possible developments he sees, and what the left in the West needs to rethink. The interview took place on March 8, Oksana Dutchak translated. Oksana Dutchak is a sociologist and researcher in the fields of labor issues and gender inequality and also an editor at Commons. She has left Kyiv and is currently in western Ukraine.

Image above: Kiev in July 2021. Image: Lisa Bukreyeva

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Wildcat strike at Spargel Ritter in #Bornheim, #Germany

Bornheim. Germany. The wildcat strike of Romanian agricultural workers in Bornheim shows that struggles are possible even under conditions of racist super-exploitation.

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