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#UK (& beyond…): The real enemy

UK. London. Regents Park in London contains probably the richest street in the city. Many of the mansions here are said to be ‘worth’ £165 million. Many of these large properties are empty, while just a mile away people are left to sleep in doorways.

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#UK: Fascist shennanigans in #Dover

UK. A far-right and fascist anti-refugee action is taking place on 5th September in Dover, Kent. Information is contained within a recent YouTube video by ‘The Little Veteran’ who is organising this along with others on the far-right (we’re not going to link to this nonsense but if you’re desperate to have a look, it’s not hard to find).

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Billy the Kid, #Podemos and the Corruption of Power

Spanish state. The state torturer Antonio González Pacheco, better known by his nickname Billy el Niño (Billy the Kid) died of coronavirus on May 7th in Madrid, at the age of 73. Like his old master Franco, he died in bed without being brought to trial for his crimes. In the 1970s he was a torturer under the Franco regime and then continued in this career during the “democratic transition”. He joined the police in the 1960s and became an inspector in 1971 and was in charge of a special brigade which investigated and arrested opponents of the Franco regime. He got his nickname from the habit of twirling his pistol in front of prisoners, and was involved in tortures like beating them whilst they were tied to a radiator or hanging from a bar, or on the soles of the feet, or forcing their heads under water. He is alleged to have been involved in the torture of hundreds.

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#UK: Exam results debacle

UK. There cannot be that many people that don’t believe that the Conservative government has not made a mess of handling the assessment of A-Levels, BTECs and GCSEs, even traditionally Tory-friendly papers are mocking the Education Secretary Gavin Williamson. And it is hard not to conclude that the actions of the government have been inept. What happened in Scotland should have provided advance warning to the problem coming in England, Wales and Northern Ireland but the government carried on regardless, only to then follow Scotland’s example of announcing a U-turn and accepting teacher assessed grades as well as those predicted by the algorithm. This about-face has resulted in its own problems with some Universities/Programmes becoming oversubscribed (with resultant health and safety concerns) and others undersubscribed (and in greater financial difficulty and threat of bankruptcy).

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#UK: Appeal to the Young

UK. This appeal is addressed to the young and the not so young. It is aimed at those who have joined the Labour Party over the last four years on the Corbynist wave, who are now thinking of leaving it or have already left. It is addressed to those who have mobilised around the environment and have attended the Extinction Rebellion actions and the school climate strikes. It is addressed to those who have come out in the streets over Black Lives Matters, and over the Nurses United demonstrations.

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A New World is Emerging

A new world is emerging. Its outlines can be vaguely glimpsed through the clouds of tear gas on the streets of Belarus, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, in cities of the United States like Portland. Its birth cries can be heard despite the crash of rifles and the explosion of stun grenades. Everywhere it emerges, whenever people come out on the streets or strike in the workplaces against oppression and exploitation, it is met by the full force of the State and the boss class. Despite the beatings, arrests, the rubber bullet rounds, the CS gas and the pepper spray, despite the killing of unarmed demonstrators, despite censorship and the clamping down of social media, it becomes stronger every day. Whether on the streets in Chile, Mexico, or France, it knows that its enemies are capitalism and the State, the pernicious, lying media, the uniformed mercenaries in police or military uniforms, the tame and fawning academics and intellectuals.

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#COVID19, #UK: The more things change…?

UK. 2020 will not be a year that is soon forgotten, even in the highly unlikely scenario that “it will be all over by Christmas”, the results of the Covid-19 pandemic will be long lasting. Yet for all that the consequences of Covid-19 has perhaps not changed things so much as fast-forwarded them. There have been many pieces asking what the economic consequences of Covid-19 will be (12) but that very question already continues the separation of the economic and political. The economy exists because of the political forces that create it.

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Anarchist Communist Group (ACG) launch ‘No Safety, No Work’ campaign in the #UK

UK. The Anarchist Communist Group (ACG) is launching a No Safety, No Work campaign. This is a campaign to be led by workers trying to keep themselves and others safe at work in the time of Covid 19. We know that the working class cannot rely on employers or the government to keep us safe.

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