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Don’t give up, don’t give out. Tortures and confessions

Since 2017 our movement has faced the repressions of the scale and intensity previously unseen. The main “spice” of the situation is massive usage of tortures by FSB secret service. Before the cases of beatings and tortures of the anarchists in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus were mere separate exclusions. We’ve heard that Jihadists and Fascists are tortured brutally. Someone would also recall “Odessa case” against communists and anarchists (year 2002 – 2003). But one thing is “to know” abstractly and to experience on your own is something very different.

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The Anarchist Mission In The Modern World

It’s not a novel idea, for today large projects aimed to rebuild the world are in decline. In the twentieth century, the powerful movements mobilized millions of people to storm political Olympus and start “great construction projects”. But during the last century, they have gone bankrupt both ethically and practically, one after the other , and soon vanished entirely. Here in particular we refer to fascism and communism of the Leninist type. Even the seemingly triumphant liberal project just basically vanished into the global capitalist system and the global political game, where liberal mechanisms are hardly seen.

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Situation in #Belarus: Anarchist Perspective Briefly

Belarus. August 12. 2020. Finally, we face the outrage of Belarusian people in the streets. The increase of resistance is enormous. Many people say that such an uprising was never seen before during the rule of Alexander Lukashenko. These three nights, probably all the world has seen crowds of people giving fight to the police special forces, using barricades, burning tires and Molotovs.

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For all anarchists of #Belarus

Friends! A political crisis is about to happen in Belarus. There’s a good chance Lukashenko’s regime, which seemed to last forever, will lose control: partially or totally, temporarily or permanently… Belarusian society shows unprecedented active fury against the dictatorship. What is going to happen when the first cracks in the System will turn into its complete collapse?

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