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#Coronavirus, Austerity, #Brexit and Bureaucracy

March 25, 2020. I have just posted the introduction to my Kropotkin anthology Direct Struggle Against Capital. Hopefully, something interesting to read if you are self-isolating – although I would recommend you buy the book from AK Press as it has a lot of interesting and often rare works by Kropotkin in it. Here I plan to make a few comments about the coronavirus crisis and Brexit. These follow on from my recent discussion of how an Anarchy would handle such events – and as with that blog, there may be more typos than usual…

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#Anarchy and the #coronavirus

I thought I would discuss the current coronavirus crisis and how an anarchist society would deal with it. This will be speculative but hopefully convincing as far as any discussion of a future society can be – although I do end with a few demands that should be raised now. I should note that, for those looking for something to read when self-isolating, the An Anarchist FAQ (AFAQ) appendix on the Kronstadt revolt of 1921 has just been revised – lots to read there! I should note that I’ve not proof-read this as much as I tend to do so be prepared for more typos that usual.

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#Brexit: It is easier to leave the #EU than to strike

Last year was a bit busy, not least because I was working through two big projects – A Libertarian Reader and a new translation of Kropotkin’s Words of a Rebel. Both involved translation, which is time consuming – not least trying to track down the context which the writer takes for granted. Both books are now in the hands of the publisher – although my introduction to Words is nowhere near ready (I’m waiting for confirmation of progress in both works by the publishers). This means that I can now work on other stuff, including this blog.

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#Anarchism, #Marxism and the lessons of the Commune

There are a few sure things about reading history books. Firstly, and most obviously, you generally know how it ends (badly, in the case of the Paris Commune).

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#Anarchism, #Syndicalism and Workers Councils

This is a write-up of a talk I gave in Edinburgh in April 2019 on anarchist ideas on social change and organisation.I have used the slides I created for the talk as the basis of this write-up, although as usual I am sure this is not the same as what was said on the night but close enough. Hopefully this talk gives a useful summary of anarchist ideas on organisation and their development from the birth of anarchism to around 1920.

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#UK territory: The Meaning of #Anarchism – Events in #Nottingham on January 28 and February 4

Before giving the details of my forthcoming talks I need to mention a few things. First off, I should mention that I have posted write-ups of my previous two talks in Nottingham – Peter Kropotkin: Science and Syndicalism and The 1848 Revolutions: An Anarchist Perspective – along with an article Propertarianism and Fascism. As noted in the introduction to both the talks, neither are exactly what I said on the day but rather what I had hoped to cover. I’ll leave it to those there to say whether I active that goal or not!

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