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Toward a Politics of Body-Barricades

The following text is composed of impressions, intuitions, and quotes, many taken out of context, stolen, as are the images and photographs. This constellation of fragments strives to outline a politics of body-barricades [corpo-barricadas]. [1] What interests us here is the in-between, which is at the same time union and distance, the thin black line of the hyphen, for it is this that brings corporalities and barricades into play. As a series of fragments, it is not necessary that each premise follow one another; the order is not logical, but compositional. Emphasis is placed on the uniqueness of each piece of text, the way in which it connects to the others, how it slots into them. A series of points and lines: a constellation. Like all compositional texts, its aim is not to convince, nor is it a dialogue. Rather, it is hoped that these fragments will challenge the singularity that reads it, and that the words written here become, in this way, singular.

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