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With and Beyond Anti-Fascism

… to make use of the weapons created by fascism, which has been
allowed to use the fundamental aspirations of people for affective exultation
and fanaticism. But we affirm that the exaltation… must be
placed in the service… of a grandeur quite different from that of the

Georges Bataille, Counter-Attack: Union of the Struggle of Revolutionary Intellectuals


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#Catalonia as a Political Laboratory by Santiago López Petit

The rebellion of Catalonia, falsely presented as a mere exercise in institutional and national self-determination, and its repression, demands reflection.  What was lived and continues to be lived, resonates well beyond judicial decisions, constitutional debates or future regional elections (scheduled for the 21st of December).  In a step towards greater understanding of what is at stake, we re-publish a short essay, in translation, by Santiago López Petit, entitled Catalonia as political laboratory. 


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