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#Russia: Arrested #Penza Antifascists Talk about Torture in Remand Prison

“He Would Check My Pulse by Touching My Neck and Monitor My Condition.” Arrested Penza Antifascists Talk about Electric Shock Torture in Remand Prison Basement.

Ilya Shakursky and Dmitry Pchelintsev, arrested in and charged with involvement in a “terrorist community,” have told their attorneys that Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officers tortured them in the basement of the city’s remand prison. Mediazona has decided to publish the story told by Shakursky’s defense counsel and the transcript of what Pchelintsev relayed to his lawyer.

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#Russia: Support Anarchist and #Antifa Prisoners in St.Petersburg and Penza!

Fundraising for lawyers working on cases about police raids and arrests of anarchists and antifascists in St. Petersburg and Penza, Russia has begun. At the moment two persons in St. Petersburg and five in Penza are arrested, more are connected to the case as witnesses. Raids and repressions are likely to continue. Arrested are charged with part 2 of rticle 205.4 of russian Criminal Code (participation in terrorist organisation) at the request of court from Penza.

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#Russia: Airsoft Penza Anarchist “Terrorism” Case

On January 23 in St. Petersburg, the antifascist Viktor Filinkov disappeared. Two days later he was found – the press service of the St. Petersburg courts wrote that he was arrested and found guilty of involvement in a terrorist community that “shares an anarchist ideology.” A day later, members of the Public Monitoring Commission of St. Petersburg (body controling observance of human rights in detention facilities), came to visit him, it turned out that Filinkov was . On January 25, other person from St. Petersburg Igor Shishkin disappeared – he left to walk his dog. The dog came back home not alone, but with the security forces. The „Dzerzhinsky Court“ of Petersburg arrested Shishkin on the same charges as Filinkov. Journalists were not allowed to attend the court hearing. He was badly beaten up. Investigative actions in St. Petersburg were sanctioned by one of the district courts of Penza.

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