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#NoPAG: Bavarian parliament voted for new police law – Students took the streets

After the massive demo in Munich against in Bavaria last Thursday, Bavarian parliament voted for the the new police law last night.

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#Germany: Mass detentions after deportation was successfully prevented in #Donauwörth

In the early morning of March 14, 2018, a deportation was successfully prevented in the Donauwörth reception centre. Afterwards, a large police operation was carried out in the afternoon. Those residents who were in their rooms were locked in, both entrance and exit doors of the reception centre had been locked as well. Room searches and identity checks were carried out. 29 people were arrested.On the one hand, the police operation in the afternoon of 14 March 2018 has been triggered by the deportation, which was prevented in the morning between 3:00 am and 4:00 am, when approximately 100 people left their rooms in the reception centre and demanded that the deportation be stopped. On the other, there a strike against the 80-cent jobs and the German courses in the reception centre has been going on in the last few months. The refugee activists demand the recognition of their asylum claims, or that they may leave Germany if they do not obtain a right to stay.

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#RefugeeStruggle: Neither Integration Nor Law

Times are gone, in which the German state presented itself as a refuge of humanity and of culture of welcome and in which it was comparatively easy to enter the country for refugees (partly also without registration). Nowadays agreements are made with governors like the Turkish president Erdogan, to prevent refugees from coming close to the German borders; to speed up the asylum procedure, more and more states are designated as secure countries of origin, so that people can be deported there without a so called individual case inspection; an annual maximum limit for asylum requests is discussed and incidents like IS attacks or sexual assaults on women are instrumentalised to stir up fear within society and to legitimate a harsh approach against any form of foreigner’s criminality.


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