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Ungovernable: An Interview with Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin

Author and independent writer William C. Anderson interviews veteran organizer and former Black Panther and political prisoner Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin on the current political crisis, fascism and rising relevance of Black anarchism. We also urge you to generously contribute towards a fundraising campaign organized by William to support Lorenzo and his partner JoNina Ervin. Both are movement elders who’ve inspired generations of rebels and are in need of support with their living and medical expenses.

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Black #Anarchism: Senzala or Quilombo

The piece “Senzala or Quilombo” was in it’s time a scathing indictment against certain quarters of criticism inside the wider U.S. anarchist movement around the formation of Anarchist People of Color (APOC). First began as a website and list serve that linked various self-identified anarchists of color, the effort blossomed into a 2003 conference in Detroit and was followed up by regional and national conferences and attempts to form local groups. At the time of the writing of this piece in 2005 Pedro Ribeiro was a member of the Furious Five Revolutionary Collective in San Jose, CA which later merged into the California based Amanecer. This piece was published as part of the Black Anarchism reader.

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