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#LA: Koreatown Popular Assembly: Shutting Down ICE, Building Popular Power

About 70 activists and community members surrounded and blocked an ICE van in front of LA’s Metropolitan Detention Center in downtown Los Angeles the evening of Thursday, February 15. The action was called for by the Koreatown Popular Assembly 24 hours prior as an emergency response to reports of ICE detaining over a 100 individuals across the city.

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Welcome to the Party, Liberals!

With the election of Donald “Orange is the New White” Trump, there has been a new outpouring of social justice activity across the United States. The Women’s March, airport demonstrations in support of immigrants and refugees, the People’s Climate March, millions of dollars in new donations to the American Civil Liberties Union are all part of this bump in activity. Even Keith Olbermann is now calling his show “The Resistance!”


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Who Are the Anarchists and What is #Anarchism?

In the wake of the use of militant street tactics at the Trump inauguration protests, the controversial shut down of two prominent right-wing speakers at the University of California, Berkeley, and a variety of high profile actions against the far right, anarchists have received increased media attention and sparked widespread debate, particularly around anti-fascist struggles. But many people are still confused about anarchism, associating it with indiscriminate violence, chaos, and disorder. This distorted image runs counter to more than a century of anarchist activity in and outside the United States. So if not chaos or disorder, what does anarchism stand for? What do anarchists believe in?


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