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Spanish State: Occupation, the ghost of the table

“I’m not sure what the fatal secret is”

Mathilde in The Castle of Otranto

The recent media campaign against the occupation of homes was not the first, but one of the most intense in recent times. Its launch, on the eve of a probable intensification of the housing conflict, does not seem to be coincidental. The economic and health crisis has put the sectors involved on alert, and this seems to be a first move on one side. This campaign is beginning to have answers, especially in the form of articles and social networks. In these responses, it has been denounced that the phenomenon of home occupation is less widespread than the media suggests with an alarmist tone. The data and statistics reinforce this denunciation. Moreover, it has been rightly criticised that squatting is being deliberately confused with breaking and entering. Finally, an attempt has been made to refocus the debate on the problem of access to housing, which is the primary cause of property occupation.

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The Cantabrian feminist revolt begins #8M 2020

Cantabria, Spanish territory. A few words from some of our comrades from the open feminist assemblies of Cantabria to spread the word about the start of the feminist programme for the 8th of March.

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Interview With Comrades From #HambacherForst

This interview was held in Santander (Spanish territory) with comrades who have been in the Hambach Forest in November 2018. The interview was in an audio format, intended for free radio. This is a transcript; therefore it is not made to the letter. It does not include the news that may have emerged from this fight between November and the end of December.

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