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Oshawa, Ontario: CDN – Oshawa’s Wannabe Brownshirts

Oshawa. Ontario. In June 2020 the municipal government of Oshawa unanimously voted to hire a private security firm “CDN Protection”. All private security and police are a bad thing but CDN is especially reactionary. The company has ties to white supremacists such as Faith Goldy. They use dogs that are trained in the same manner as police dogs and are used to intimidate the homeless. There is also video evidence of CDN filming people in distress and mocking their mental health. CDN will intimidate clients trying to access harm reduction services in Oshawa. It has recently been brought to attention that they even steal possessions from people living on the streets. These wannabe cops are not welcome in our community, despite public outrage the government will not back down on their decision to hire the company.

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