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#Leipzig, #Connewitz: On the media strategy of cops, judiciary and political system in view of December 31

Leipzig. Connewitz. German territory. Anyone who lives in Leipzig and may have been at the cross on New Year’s Eve can actually only have their ears ringing (as long as they are unharmed) and their eyes burning from what happened in the media after New Year’s Eve. So distorted, so unnecessarily exaggerated is that what happened there, that the question arises why it actually happened. To make it clear in short: We welcome the actions of the people on the cross and do not want to play it down or belittle it; but it was, with all success, also not this phantastic “more than before”, which cops, politicians and the media have now turned it into. It was more than happened on the cross in other years and a little less than was possible on other occasions in Leipzig.
But why now this giant theatre? Is it really because comrades tried to murder a cop there? Because the attacked cops were hurt as never before? Because the attack went beyond every foreseeable measure? At least that’s what people should be made to believe and this is not aimed at any kind of criminal prosecution or the like, but rather at preventing the emergence of a left-wing radical movement and to chase its protagonists apart and divide them at an early stage.

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18.03.2017 #Leipzig, #Germany: They Shall Not Pass! – #Connewitz

Burning barricades, smashed windows, injured cops and an overall damage of several hundreds of thousands. That’s been the price the City of Leipzig payed when it tried to enable Neonazis to rally through the south of Leipzig on December 12th 2015. Material used: a thousand cops, several water cannons and expired gas grenades. On March 18 fascists want to rally in the Connewitz district in Leipzig again.


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