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#Portland: Day 55 (?) – A Reportback

Portland. Oregon. It’s been about two months now of Portland fighting back against a federal invasion. The days seem to blur together; memories of flashbangs at my heels are nestled safely between memories of crawling into bed or eating hot dogs at Riot Ribs. No matter what day it is though- the feds are losing. Not only are they being humiliated by their actions (enough to warrant a Buzzfeed article), but their physical tactics are a complete joke in the face of Moms armed with a steel resolve and the Dads with leafblowers.

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#Portland, #Oregon: Civil Disturbance Fitness 101

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a medically induced coma for the past 50 some-odd days you have probably seen Portland, Oregon turning into a warzone occupied by a hostile military force. News media around the world is showing clips of barricades being built and fires being set in their nightly news. A fast-paced, nonstop chaotic action against the state. And it’s not really like that.

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#Portland Awakens

Portland. Oregon. In the beginning, we were many. We were thousands. Exploding into the street after watching a video of horror both strange and all-too-familiar: a video of a nine-minute murder, of a killer indifferent to the pleas of the bound man he choked and crushed to death. Broad daylight, on film, unprosecuted. Another police murder. Another black person dead.

As the video circulated, things began to shatter. Hearts. Trust. Restraint. Patience.


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#Portland, #Oregon: #DefendPDX Summary of July 16th

Portland. Oregon. Evening of July 16th to 17th  – Thursday. The aftermath of Wednesday night and Thursday morning’s protest left many Portlanders frustrated and disheartened with efforts downtown, so that evening, a secondary initiative took place at a new location.

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#DefendPDX #Portland June 30: Patriot Prayer’s Violence Must End

Joey Gibson and his crew of violent bigots unfortunately are once again calling for a rally in Portland which is without fail a pretext for assorted Alt Right bullies, Nazis, homophobes, and unsavory characters to gather in hopes of brutalizing the most vulnerable people they can find.

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