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Notes on partisanship – A new form of militancy

To be polarizé can mean to be obsessed with someone or something; more generally, it refers to the convergence of a field of energies or forces around a single point. When in English one speaks of a “polarizing” figure or event, it indicates the production of irreconcilable differences between groups or parties. Here, the term evokes a process in which a body is affected by a form-of-life in such a way as to take on a charge that orients it in a specific manner: it is attracted by certain bodies, repulsed by others.

Note from Tiqqun’s Introduction to Civil War, p. 227–8

We must surmount our rage and disgust, we must have them shared, so as to elevate and enlarge our action as our morale.

René Char, Leaves of Hypnos (100)
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