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After #Trump #Inauguration: Democracy is Dying: As it Should

Inauguration Day 2017 will be a day of remembrance for future generations because something has died and none of us is sure what should take its place. We have been watching the steady decline of democracy since before Obama, but were not quite sure where to stand. If you were not directly affected by the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007 you probably did not have much to criticize other than what flashed across the news surrounding Zuccotti Park in September 2011. Maybe you went to the first Occupy demonstrations or suffered through financial and political frustrations as the nation watched its first large-scale blossom of activism since protests against the Iraq war began in February 2003. Occupy was the first thing that felt immediately political for a generation of new activists who solidified their identities with the rally cry, “This is What Democracy Looks Like!”


Image: Wasington DC on January 20th; “This is what democracy looks like!”

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